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Recognize me and understand Who I am as part of YOUR OPTION II

April 23, 2019

Beyond mere
appearance#0 and insub-stantial divide to rule#2 with


 Dr. Peter Meier transcending OPTION I
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 DEUTSCH ohne Synergie führt Alles zu Nichts

With branding you %6-project your virtual back- into the personally neutral foreground; overwriting your personally relevant identity with a possibly mass-attractive one.

With modeling human systems and relation-ships life-fulfilling platforms become possible and via parameter-ization of one's substance in relevant social dimensions, insights can be transferred between one another! This requires the identification of those concerned substance as the life-long background

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Preliminary Attitude
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to get the context in the box below for what I can do for you:

- 1. You just wonder about my mass-attractivity for you to ride on, seemingly without an intention,

- 2. You want some power to interact with me about about my seemingly bad foreground of task-fulfillment, may be also to instrumentalize me for yours?

- 3. You want to know more about my still unsatisfied background to make an opinion of where I can be of use to  you and/or, you to me?

- 4.You aim at understanding my inner mental platform of task-fulfillment, my conscience, so you can open up yours towards very good synergy in dealing with our backgrounds in a lifefulfilling way in each others foreground?

- 5. You want to perform some helpful healing of my shadow/lesson to address what is
- 5.1) good about me as my resource to find and stand for
- 5.2) peace in order to be able to deal with what otherwise turns out as
- 5.3) very bad in this world?

Each of us is a platform of inner relationships embedded in a background of external relationships. Your inner ones give meaning to your B3-path which in the relevant B4-truth leads to your B5-Life. If you come too late with giving sufficient meaning to B4, you learn B5 the hard way in your foreground of attention - right? Life is about fulfilling the potential synergy. However, disruption by branding is prevailing in this world, hence with not desirable future. With this bottom line it is clear, who is part of the problem and what it means to become part of the solution! This site is an opportunity for you to find out the potential synergy with me. 

The above picture of me was taken when I boarded MSC Armonia 2013 in Venice with my wife Diane for our first cruise after 27 year of marriage, i.e. of branding our background and "consulting" about each other's stress in the foreground for modeling a platform of mutual lifefulfillment based on each others parameterized models of each others existential options. We had to learn, also sometimes the hard way when understanding was lacking, that in our case c-branding alone makes us either die faster or catch up in our growth with O-orientation provided by substantial modeling our relationship in a mutually understandable way for our accountability to self and other:

"Branding" / "Modeling = STRESS < DEATH (of relationships)

Jc/JJ.X:             9Bp#10-22/L3>4-6  9Pp#13-22/B5>6-6

Can you see how 9Bp-Diane stands to J-justify her c-profiling as a "People#1Priestess#0" in an encouraging way, 9Pp-me J-justifying my "People#1Prophet#3" status, standing up three intellectual ranks below her with my c-profiled existence? Actually we both strive to clarify "Palace#2Mastery#2" in the interest of real human beings in this world, Diane towards the desired end result of a more >4 peaceful mutual joy in life to be able to mentally cope with its necessities, me in the "prophetic" modeling approach to what is sufficient, accounting for what alone is >6 very good; the relevant relationship truths for lifefulfillment. We are both aiming at "Palace#2Masters#2" to adopt >6 very good basics to witch we contribute with our life- through task-fulfillment; Diane with an attempt to L3-reframe existing manners#0 in that direction, me to account for the personally-relevant#3 relationships of those concerned with giving meaning to the still missing conscience#3 in the ruling palaces. First of all we aim at the participant's minds, Diane rather in a group context complementing it with her in-FORM-ation, me preferably in a 1-to-1 context with a personally relevant update of each others mental operation systems towards synergy. That is congruent with Diane's former profession as an English language and history teacher, mostly for non-native English speaking students, and mine as a physicist, modeling so far not-understood phenomenon in the aerodynamic of doubly ionized plasma. That was up to speeds of Mach 40 (17 Km/sec) and temperatures of 30'000 degrees. Dealing with that fast and hot material, was the best preparation for me daring in 1979 to introduce the hottest science hardly anybody wants to touch in fear of being nailed on the zeitgeist's cross of self-destruction! It took me and Diane almost 30 years to clarify all this beyond the cJ-default hate and fear of disruption, competitive sometimes hurtful code specific for who we 9Bp-9Pp innately are. However, what has kept our relationship going was our JJ.X-Love to synergy code, which thanks to our life-long X-substance was partially in action even before we began to understand and integrate it into our relationship. It took us from 1986 to 2015 before I understood the H/L-code relationships truths in another context of a pM.S Love to synergy coded relationship. All is now operational with an app for any other 1-to-1 relationship. Its application has the potential to overcome the source of almost any private or business relationship problems when F9-basically understood and internalized in a P-process I specifically p-prepare in preventative and healing ways. In my relationship with Diane it happens within the B-boundary conditions of behavior 3in which she feels safe to fulfill her life in the foreground towards synergy.

There is a deeper reason for such frames revealed in the relationship truths model of the bottom line of each and everyone's personally relevant

- Background beyond branding, the

- Platform i.e then conscious inner mind and outer stage, beyond linguistic coaching, and the

- Foreground, which reveals the source of most of our misunderstandings and its associate pain - in the outer web as a "stupidity amplifier...

*Please note: Such parameters among others are available for Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Putin, Xi Jinping, the USA, the EU, Japan etc. ; imagine the global impact if their meaning would be implemented as O-orientation for them to relate to each other, considered in serious studies about them, and in the media compared to leaving them in their misunderstandings, unresolved in its consequences, some already close to the point of NO return! I can imagine what a Barack Obama could do based on his parameters for Netflix instead of in the service of the New York Times to disrupt the USA, other than ridicule Donald Trump...


Pleasing others, or fulfilling YOUR life; that is the question your life is the answer to!

All you are really FREE TO do, is giving meaning to your OPTION I and OPTION II

by M=applying




SCALING UP APS' model of real human systems:
To get an idea where I am heading, imagine an App, which based on identifying the X- lifefulfillment principle of partners provides the attitudes by which 1-to-1 one relationships are disruptive in business as usual, and the one which allows lifefulfilling synergy. In applying it myself, every human interaction entails a consulting aspect for me by the best of my partner's X-innate being. And based on such interactions, not all pleasant, APS was released from my X-being to be the basis for such Apps, beyond what even the best business consultant under OPTION I could envisage. On the other hand the destiny of lacking understanding, as successful as it may appear for a while in being merely branded by what others talk about them, is the disruption-coded people's flee circus:

Meanwhile transcending OPTION I has led to more apps, which allow one to §1-adequately express one's B3-path, and the encountered B4-substantial relationship truth, which when sufficiently accounted for, allow for one's B5-life's personally relevant#3 fulfillment. Contrary to living a brand that end up as an OPTION I coffin for your OPTION II, your oegp-model is more like a an open-ended cradle for you to generate your life- through task-fulfillment with principles congruent to who you X-innately are.

OPTION II is not based on statistics about opinions and results with them, it is based on the understood experiences of one's life's fulfillment, i.e. not other-determined by temples and palaces framed by the latter!

This OPTION II is modeled by on APS, made operational,
4U2, with or without opinions, hypes, brands, trends and the zeitgeist...

REFERENCES: "Humans" as defined under OPTION I, are good at reading appearances in terms of mass-attractivity in the prevailing culture, the elite, good at fragmenting such reading into words, and its zeitgeist meaning. The intellectual elite usurps the definition power to redefine key words so they become flying carpets. Controlling the word's meanings via the media allows for intellectually reframing the original meaning away from the original substantial content, such of the Bible, its 10 commandments and so on, up to the significance of environmental science. Then the public meaning of opinions floats along the zeitgeist's dynamic of permanent self-destruction in insubstantial external discussions, and can be influenced among other things by the 8 dark inner evil voices, the bare echo of the emotions the outer OPTION I evokes in people's minds! And that flying carpet circus was branded by C. G. Jung's esoteric psychiatry as collective archetypes!

After I let go my best profit M-aspiration, which in my best week earned me 50'000 SFr. for a week's work. Based on my background of system modeling experience I proved the viability of a business system on my platform beyond what IBM with its hard- and software consulting could offer in 1980. Then that company could take care of their foreground with a tailor made IT-systems themselves. And here are the 2 best exemplary, substantial results and feedbacks for my O-work of providing relevant orientation with the incredible progress in making APS operational and applying this conscience#3:

- a seemingly spontaneous healing within 20 minutes witnessed by 3 doctors in a German "Mother-Child Clinic"; the leading two of them insisted that I to do it) within 20 minutes, before their lunch break, with a severely disrupted single woman with children, and formerly a black belt in marshal arts. She had severe symptoms over years, caused by her former husband. After my individualized trauma treatment in the doctor's irresponsibly inhuman context, she was still fit when checked after 2 years.

- the recent feedback of one of my partners who followed up of a coaching session with a women disrupted by unresolved relationship problems: "It felt like a prophet having anointing a king", which that women innately is intellectually as a Palace#2Master#2! Now with her having obtained a background of her X-substance's relationship truths understood, she is on her path, encouraged and able to be accountable on her inner platform to be able to make up her mind for her life- through relevant task-fulfillment...

You are welcome to drill deeper and make up your mind to let me know
about what I can help you with in relation to understand
* and implement Your OPTION II privately
and in business
* so you can fulfill your life as part of the solution:

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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung