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by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

Truth in a Relationship allows mutual Lifefulfillment

April 23, 2019

Please make sure you have studied the introduction

Beyond mere
appearance#0 and insub-stantial divide to rule#2 with


MODELING the possibilities for human systems:
Generally speaking from a personally-neutral#2 point of view, I am a People#1Prophet#3 attached to people#1 to clarify#3 with them their path like a Sherpa. I am carrying your load of misunderstanding to the top of understanding, with or without mere opinions. This approach is seen as inferior in the subject of Palace#2Mastery#2, (human rule and man-age-ment). The Palace#2Masters#2 usually tend to simply their rule to make it a matter of course for those managed by them to deliver the required quantities. Maintaining this state of public affairs interferes with your work/life balance. To do justice to this critical topic of our time, I have created Applied Personal Science#3 APS© to understand and deal with what organized hard numerical sciences#1, wordy humanities#2 and anything goes art#0, cannot deliver - personally relevant#3 orientation about lifefulfillment. I bet you know nobody and no institutions who cares for this issues innately concerning YOU in your substance as a human being. The same applies for the substance of your cultures affecting you with the corresponding consequences!

%5  B4

imagine your presentation with your para-meters, functionally defined, beyond the zeitgeist, substantial...

If you have mentally survived this paragraph, a filter whether you are ready to board the LifeFulfilling Platform you deserve towards your life- through task-fulfillment for a desirable future in synergy with others.

SCALING UP APS' model of human systems:
Here is what you need to master beyond OPTION I if you want to transcend its disrupting dynamic towards the zeitgeist; APS's mnemonic tags (X, #1, #2, #3, B3,... include the meaning of colors for the context, and formats for emphasis beyond plain text consisting of dead letters of stagnant cultures formally closed by scribes. The success of physics is similarly based on specifically pointing to the H2-higher order rather than the insubstantially disrupting literary one of the ZG-zeitgeist! And this was also required to program the app by which you can see this; there are tags in any complex program that point to the deeper meaning of its subroutines. Beyond such technicality, the APS tags make sense in the context of further clarification and application in your conscience, depending on your good will to giving meaning to H2. As corner stones they point to "subroutines" of implementation to guarantee that the walk will remain coherent with the original meaning of the talk. On the other hand plain text sentences with as such, dead words, just evoke opinions about paradise lost in power games ending in displacing the corner stone as stumbling blocks for 'anything goes' discussions. In short, the tags used here transcend philosophy, with its literary hypes, by providing easy access to both understanding of the relevant substance, and erroneous interpretations to overcome its category errors and faked conclusions, which tend to cover up hidden agendas. Above all avoiding personal responsibility with irresponsible rhetoric and other trickery encourages thinking catastrophes, which evoke human catastrophes:

Life, and that is personal, makes experiencing things and relationship truth as simple as

M/O=STRESS, so that errors in M-manipulation based on fake O-orientation become obvious in one's inner experience, the so-called soul, as remorse. The elite without conscience prides itself with an aura of authority, in order to cover-up their intentions in complex web of lies and distortions; leading to M-errors (like on the Titanic, in cancer cells "emancipated" from the original DNA), which are the source of all physical suffering. So when what really matters existentially is pushed aside in your conscience, to please something seemingly more attractive, in fear of those on top, or being convinced by those one is depending on, punishment applies for those who come too late with understanding. In the actual Age of Disruption of the former order for people#1 of the managing masters and soul caring priests sheople, people without a sheppard, are left either to their zeitgeist destiny or their conscience#3 - the so far institutionally hidden science!

On the other hand, misusing the dependencies on personally-neutral#2 pimps towards intellectual-mindedness's prostitution for the insubstantially ruling elits, is successfully achieved by focusing on disrupting every onset of conscience#3 to demean personal responsibility in favor of the made neceaary top-down loyalty. That fig leaf culture of denial is insane; the health disrupting errors and causes of stress are still there, merely suppressed into unconsciousness and flare up where one least expect it; worse than ever before! And what is the insane reaction of rulers and sheople when stressed below in their screwed bottom-conscience#3 up? It is that of

- Herod the Great, to liquidate any potential messenger,

- the Scribes and Pharisees, to have the daring one who points to such relationship truths crucified, and

- fear ridden Sheople; forced compromises, betrayal and giving-in to corruption, blackmail and soul selling, because it seems easier to die in mass-psychosis than face the inner challenge of one's X-substance. This allow misusing people to having protesters and critics mobbed and outcast as Hitler did first against the Jews...

In succession of the former temples, Spin Doctors enthuse, polarize and herd up people, so that the Palace#2Masters#2, the managers, get into a position to celebrate the success of having messengers with bad news, and challengers with the good news, "prophets", nailed on the cross of the zeitgeist. That is their last resort, when they have no other substantial success to celebrate to maintain their positions of power. This censorship begins with insubstantial, then humiliating discussions, and ends up the hard way with painful interferences up to torture and mass-murder, war. And this is framed as "human" to maintain OPTION I at any price, even at the abyss, beyond the point of NO return, a step further!

Consider your life as PROTOTYPING for its fulfillment:
I rather live with you in order to understand
to support each other in accountability for each others' path and the meaning of the truth, as what leads each of us to our personally relevant#3 life- through task-fulfillment, based on each others X-substance for synergy. That requires participants to make every insight into this OPTION II of self and others reproducible within 2 days, as the basis for further decisions, to be taken within 2 weeks and to internalize and implement them within 2 months; with or without merely disrupting OPTION I default opinions. Instead of under OPTION I enduring meaningless reactions to disruptive suffering, I provide the basics to be dealt with facing that 222-challenge to optimize one's OPTION II. And this is also doing justice to the way the brain works to prevent intellectual Alzheimer! When errors appear, I fix them substantially without trying to change the OPTION I system so that the errors merely disappear in a complex web of denial of what you and I are here for! The aim is to optimize being part of the solution of having understood that the OPTION II I point to is the only desirable one. This is especially necessary to keep one's §1-integrity with one's solution-oriented OPTION II potential when confronted with the by now prevailing OPTION I world of indiscriminate disruption of throwing out above all the baby with the bathwater of opinions in mutual admiration societies, most professional consultants depend on, above all those claiming to not understand what I point to, to empty the OPTION II jackpot of still 100% market share, to prevent its sufficient growth in our critical time - just like on the Titanic to maintain its brand of being unsinkable, rather investing in suppressing by overwriting any preventative option with authority...

In terms of mapping the earth's surface, opinionating about navigation was overcome with the prime meridian in Greenwich, finally settled 1884 with mapping the globe foreground with time and space measurements in terms of what is superior to the zeitgeist; the sun and the stars, as the background of the relevant H2-higher order. In the science#1 of nature, alchemistic opinionating was overcome by Isaac Newton 1687 with modeling mechanics quantitatively, free from zeitgeist content and papal dogma, with a more appropriate way of expression than with now no longer common, common sense#2 words, relevant; mathematics#1's differential calculus. However, neither such numerical science#1, at best relevant for general medicine, nor wordy science#2 is relevant from their very principles, to do justice to who you are to fulfill your life in a personally relevant way! To keep people as slaves in dictatorships and with marketing as customers, in politics with spin as followers, people are reduced to biometric social units, "humans". What is left to them is to make more or less mass-attractive appeals when there is no ready M-branded manipulation to solve their problems, or sublimate it. Lacking the ability and the courage to understand and consider the relevant O-orientation with relationship truths for life- through task-fulfillment first about themselves, people lose their substance which is not a topic for the organized sciences as they are now; it is bad for big business as usual who pays science to come up with how to suck people.

In short the otherwise missing science is Applied Personal Science:

My background: Professionally from 1965-79, I have experience on many levels, about what in living and working together is >3 unsatisfactory about the OPTION I measure of all things in terms of mass-attractivity.

The insubstantial background of the zeitgeist is only appropriate to make sheople achieve +2 quantitative growth and manage to reduce the -4 stress of the elite - those who have no time to understand - with the M-application of %5-manipulation know-how in the foreground. This first insight has led me to understand the B4-truth about the necessity for OPTION II as personally relevant life- through task-fulfillment. That is aroused by following one's vocation based on the substantial background coming into the platform of one's conscience. In my case that has given me the justified H1-hope that the H3-reality of human life can be H4-suffciently modeled towards a sufficient O-orientation towards understanding of how to consider a L1-loving engagement. Specifically I aim at synergy for L2-timely exchange of project-oriented competence to resolve what otherwise disrupts living together. In short, the OPTION II basics of people's institutional #1 mastering#2 themselves, e.g. democratically with the subsidiarity, principle as in Switzerland, in view of the E-evolution of the zeitgeist, requires sufficient K-creativity. In order to get there sufficiently, in view even of my home country's elites following disrupting trends, I branded the missing science#3 as Applied Personal Science#3 APS© in Sydney 1986. It is about parameterizing human systems as outlined here to participate in...

§3-c: inferiority

...LifeFulfilling Platforms: This 4U2-vision, relevant for you too, has required my >6 very best insights into §3-personal integrity about what is §0-sustainable about one's B3-path, which is innately personally relevant like your life, and only implementing the above introduced B4-truth, leads to B5-life's fulfillment.

Fulfillment is only possible within the H2-order superior to OPTION I, that of B5-life, with the relationship truths of one's personally relevant OPTION II. In 1979 I got the insights about d-designing the APS-modeling of the inner relationship truths of human systems. I began to c-profile the one that does justice to my X, then the ones of those close to me, my relationship truths with them, and among each others, teams I worked with, up to known cultures, famous people as examples and study objects; dead or still alive, where I have access to sufficient information; outstanding the life life of Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible. That endeavor of transcending OPTION I with OPTION II with thousands of human systems is of course seen under the mass-attractive former, as inferior to say the least. That is obviously so, because Option I is top-down minded, from their outside into the minds of people, to serves the "Palace#2Masters#2", e.g. personally neutral politicians and human resource managers. Let us face it, such organized insubstantial prejudices have to be overcome. So I have worked out out my innate D-definition power based on what are >6 very good models of human systems, and applying them as a "People#1Prophet#3", from the bottom-up, to support inside-out life- through task-fulfillment as OPTION II. On the other hand, beginning in 1968, the E-evolution under OPTION I, by Nov. 24, 2016 has evoked the present...

>2 bad

...Foreground in the Age of Disruption,
   which concerns all of us in M-manipulatively disrupting our inner O-orientation with the unavoidable consequences of

Where stress goes beyond eustress, distress occurs to fragment people as victims, who have given in to get fragmented to be ruled by perpetrators in their boredom, in the midst of their insubstantial addictions to getting +2 more of the same insubstantial power for an easy going with their and essential challenge, beneath eustress to face it. The "good" news is, without OPTION II, humanity moves only to the limit of stress, resulting in individual DEATH and collective collapse of failed states. This is now evident everywhere, expressed on all walls by all the media. Thank God, I am 'autistic', without inner resources (no parameters to the left) worth mentioning, to interfere. For too long I experienced, as an unfair disadvantage, being (as mentioned outlined above) inferior to deal with what is >2 bad the OPTION I way to displace it, and support what is the cause, the insubstantial rule people. However I learnt to understand that this is indeed a blessing if I let go making around with what I have no OPTION II resources for and fulfill the challenge I have them for. So do not expect any quick fixes the >2 bad from me under OPTION I; Moses made his people, after dancing around a Golden Calf in >2 bad ways (while he got the 10 Commandments from God on Mount Sinai to overcome disruption as initiated by the snake in paradise), breaking up the evoked >1 very bad consequences, disrupted it into powder and then make people eat it with their soup! This is what I would have done too uncompromisingly to overcome such a >1 very bad threat to restore my substantial potential to deal with the y-necessity in the common part of my h-living space before the point of NO return; lacking any even short-term worthwhile alternatives other than getting mobbed as antisocial, 'autistic' for not joining into >2 bad ass southing small talk. On the other side, Moses' brother Aaron lead that idolatry as the lesser evil; he had the personal resources to appease people when they began stirring up a revolt. So Aaron just made them build the Golden Calf to keep them under some control, giving themselves a misleading image, Moses could the dealt with... Moses could have hated to kill his brother for his lack of disloyalty, but he focused on what he was good at, the keeping the still possible synergy with his brother. In such a situation you have 3 chances with me before I make you sip your disrupted soup yourself, or as your Sherpa, drop your misunderstandings to your feet as corner stones for your OPTION II to face the consequences when you displace them as stumbling blocks for your OPTION I.

When you miss relating to me in synergy, me ready to preventatively overcome what is >3 unsatisfactory in my, your, our background, with my investment in a >6 very good LifeFulfilling platforms, the basics which I have made sufficiently operational by now, then something >2 bad is evoked. Then nothing but a turnaround as quickly as possible is acceptable for me! Too bad if you despise any synergy beyond the point of NO return in vain hopes of your paradise lost, clinging to insist on a return on investment in your OPTION I! At the end of the day, OPTION I's fulfillment is self-destruction, with or without you. I chose to not be part of self-destruction and I invite you to join in to board for your OPTION II's lifefulfillment with opening up for synergy.


My Pitch about how I can work with your Parameterization
beyond your OPTION I tags, titles, brands and images...

1) I identify the general stages to reach a mutually desirable goal best; in this example for sharing an effective pitch, at this 1st point, this is the +2 strength to grow to overcome whatever -4 disrupts your potential to first H3-relate to the relevant reality beyond your emotions and the ZG-zeitgeist's trends to argue about it.

2) Then, no longer based on opinions with wordy hypes, but on oegp-relationship truths, I introduce my understanding about WHY each of us wants to share something with others; so we can o-open up for synergy towards the e-end result of its fulfillment. After the sharing that requires to walk the talk by g-generation sufficient understanding of each other's essential X-substance and what we want to invest as part of fulfilling it. I with my X1, and you with your X2 with respective realistic I-concepts, I1 and I2. The fact is, your DNA is a personally relevant oegp-blueprint to build and maintain your body, and you control yours by giving meaning to its oegp-muscle patterns, i.e. not with the wordy way people are conditioned under OPTION I to communicate to control their commands about how to live their lives. Similarly you can only be fulfilled by giving meaning to the oegp-lifefulfillment p-principle by your X-being can be best understood with! You even treat your personal computer that way: You open-up a program for a desired end, trusting it to generate with its programmed principle the output you expect to fulfill your task! But what do people do with themselves and the self of others? Haven't you been conditioned under the exclusive OPTION I to %6 project words in more or less %1-politically correct hypes to %5-manipulate yourself and others towards +2 more of the same expecting them to help you to remove your -4 stress? Driven by your *3-self-centred survival ego-will to gain mass-attractive attention for your ?0-illusions in the zeitgeist you might even end up misusing others with effective prejudices as your scapegoat, so your agenda hidden intellectually behind an arty fig leaf of rhetoric is served by those impressed by your power to otherwise disrupt somebody?

3) On the other hand, I make use of my OPTION II and identify the relevant X1, X2 oegp-principles ("prime meridian") that do justice as the sufficient orientation toward each other's OPTION II with parameterizing each of us, here on those 5 stages of lifefulfilling pitching to share one's goal. That is what sailors do based on maps and apps to determine their positions, now made operational with the GPS. In my case my inner GPS, X1=9Pp, is p-preparing P-processes to be in a position to perform my F9-function here by pitching the sufficient requirements for OPTION II, specifically with Applied Personal Science.

4) In view of people building their Personal Mindsets as a Mental Operating Systems to cope in their lives in living together, I model how they frame their behavior based on their X-substantial options to do so. On a collective scale, culture is the collective set of archetypes, still organized under OPTION I in the zeitgeist. I identify where it needs to be overcome and why; before the point of NO return from self-destruction. Simply put, the meaning people give to your background, platform and foreground is based on how they perceive your appearance; with no conscious understanding with opinions fragmenting you in these 3 levels, how you seem to them unable und unwilling to see you as a meaningful entity, ignorant about the content you give meaning to in your conscience. That is where the freedom from outside interference leads to,

  1. from away from the risk of synergy to one's prejudices, limitations and comfort zone, away

  2. from your X-conscience telling you that freedom (1) is the greatest risk, that of losing your X-self and your soul, then away

  3. from the thus evoked immediate ZG-zeitgeists' %1-norms, to a sublimation culture where anything is desired to go, such as in the American dream, ending in the social Darwinian intellectual hierarchy of OPTION I, since Nov. 24, 2016,

  4. from the final Age of Disruption of all substance now reached, ultimately in suicide to keep the last freedom of choice...

How about YOUR freedom to compete in the rat race for mass-attractivity, or from it, to fulfill your OPTION II?

5) I apply the O-orientation about those options in 1-to-1 relationships to cooperate with M/O in the eustress range, so I can be part of the solution to maintain the synergy-oriented attitude between the relevant X1 and X2, demeaning the disrupting options. Both attitudes are made accessible via an app.


With the exemplary 5 Pitch-Stages, your approach can be summarized with your X2-parameters obtainable upon request as mine. Now lets drill deeper with my X1-parameters as follows, substantially as part of the solution. This way I no longer need to be part of the problems evoked when people just have OPTION I to rhetorically convincing each others to join them as part of the problem! There is no real need to dance around some hype, brand, of self or of someone else, or around something one is other-determined of. It is about with OPTION II to be part of the solution in synergy. And here is my parameterized potential to clarify what works for me:

+2/-4#20 Kd0P 2Om>3: In the context of F2-doing my thing when Om-objectives are multiplied in the common competition with others; I am still able to even +2 grow in the niche of one-track minded "Palace#2Priesthood#0" in ivory towers! I fulfill walking my pitch's talk by K-creating a X-personally relevant#3 d#0-system design to model the appropriate P-position power for coaching II to overcome the >3 unsatisfactory OPTION I ivory tower cults where students and coachees are limited by what -4 disrupts and eventually inhibits their lifefulfillment in business as so far usual. Its consulting I (see the image to the left) on the other hand begins with subtly disrupting people, in terms of the coach's made seeming >6 very good, their

- >3 unsatisfactory background (of no longer arguing about seeming facts and matter of course, to the answers of the mass' common sense and about what they want to hear in the attempted emancipation from previous palaces and their temples (against which the fire in the Notre Dame at the date, April 15, Abraham Lincoln was murdered, was probably a desperate warning against "adaption deranged" people up to Donald Trump by the dark-art, former temple-palace power. However, that has already collapsed Nov. 24. 2016...). So what was so far branded under OPTION I has at best a decreasing half-life time! It is said that the new Japanese Emperor admires the Queen because she pours tea herself...

- >2 bad business platform (skeptical inner awareness) for which coachees seek a solution for, towards the promised

- >6 very good, i.e. successful foreground (dealing with mainstream)...

This kind of >6 very >5 good, >4 appeasing strawberry picking business system d-designing is glorified as right brain activity, while the responsible h-management of objective systems and knowledge dealing with >1 very >2 bad >3 dissatisfying situations is denounced by the former as inferior (beneath the throne of curious creativity, believing in arty big pictures with the passion of Icarus, ending in the to be embellished chaos with a Phoenix rising out of its ashes) - as in picture on the right) left brain activity they prefer to outsource as the palaces#2 outsource hard labor to lesser people#1. The leaves neither the one's upholding their OPTION I rank on the intellectual chicken ladder, nor their serfs a chance for life fulfillment...

H3-R#11 Ed1P 5Op>3: Based on the H3-relevant reality for "People#1Workers#1" possible up to US-president Donald Trump to cope with the E-evolving trend, I take the F5-entrepreneurial initiative to Op-prepare the objectives, to make the relevant basic dependencies with partners transparent. In the light of relationship truths about the consequences of giving meaning to the available options, I can come up with the R-substantially resolute P-position of power, to become effective in dealing with misunderstandings evoked by thinking catastrophes which still make people cause the known >3 unsatisfactory human catastrophes. Consulting I on the other hand highlights the dependencies to get a mass-attractive branding, image of authority and fame under OPTION I...

Bm-ZG/§2-y#11 1Ed1P 2Bm>1: ... in the prevailing zeitgeist, to disrupt any OPTION II with coaching I's Bm-multiplied boundary conditions as its sole §2-purpose of trying otherwise boringly aimless, to F2-deal with its >1 very bad self-destruction of the insubstantial giving in to mass-opinions, where political d-designs must appear to be attractive by giving in to its E-evolution, I rather standing up for what is substantially y-necessary to give OPTION II a chance for sufficient people for a turnaround before the point of NO return from the self-destructive OPTION I.

Secures O
M/O in eustress, allowing synergy!

B5-X1#13 1Kd3D 9Pp>6: Since I personally, with my X1-substance being innately aligned with B5-lifefulfillment, do my >6 very best on my B3-path to allow those concerned to also fulfill their OPTION II before the point of NO return of coming too late, to avoid being punished by life. That is what Michael Gorbatchev as a coach II, the last previous president of the "Evil Empire", reminded the arrogant coach I, Eric Honnecker, the last ignorant president of the East-German DDR in view of the coming fall of his arrogant regime in 1989. The OPTION I elite has fearfully emancipated in their ignorance of the consequences, from any F9-basic Pp-process such as the ones I can prepare also for you with your X2; with a personally relevant#3 oegp-K-creative process which deserves D-definition power about the substantial attachment to overcome the still lacking meaning of OPTION II with the publically missing conscience#3...

Creates a growing streams of lifefulfilling WOWs

B4-I1#10 1Kd0P 7Cw>3: My I1-concepts about the B4-truth, which I convey here as a "People#1Priest#0", help people to become X-self-centered in the right sense, in a way that transcends OPTION I to K-create their own, X-fulfillment centered mental operating systems. This is necessary especially in situations where I would otherwise lose my P-position power to F7-influence the Cw-working out of the prevailing communication spear headed by consultants I. Rather than remaining part of their top-down organized OPTION I, under which its systems permanently self-destruct in the zeitgeist, my I1-concepts are about the precondition 4U2 (for you to) getting qualified to participate on LifeFulfilling Platforms (LFP) up to complement the Google I and things Internet, with 14 (one for) LifeFulfillment ILF; mad possible by you also fulfilling your own OPTION II. There are already necessary platform tools available from group ware, CRM up to dialog marketing. What this site is about is the sufficient parameterization for participants of LFP

In short, I do not read your story of appearance and expression for you to maintain your background to serve your OPTION I "human" destiny as among other examples, psychology and human resource management claim to do, while in fact they organize their prejudice about you to instrumentalize you for their prevailing cults and hierarchies, and emerged in it, for companies, and they for share holders. This has made it easier for rulers, their politics to divide and rule, but now both are also disrupted by the zeitgeist's evil circles of the prevailing disruptive GULAGs and KZs in the present Age of Disruption as in the end everything lacking substance and the will to fulfill it, is...

No risk means no opportunities for growth - courtship such as in universities can only initiate more of the same career ladders under OPTION I which inhibits LifeFulfilling Platforms; 70% of reviews are said by its very sciences to occur in mutual admiration societies as BS, yet 90% of people trust them, because they are looking for and finding justification for their own fear of getting exposed when they take self-determined actions outside temples and palaces. Time under OPTION I is running out, in fact it takes a small idea of yours to bring your disrupted world back to a desirable track - just as you did with you smiled as a baby and enchanted the adults. And that is what your legacy can become!


- Every Business/Life is based on a story (people buy compelling stories as something to believe)/substance, therefore

- find/understand yours and tell (facts tell, emotions sell)/fulfill it

- to make a business (set expectations high and over deliver – Wow/aha – add to experience – make people maximize details, beyond customers with wishes for wordy-Lego mentality, be special by getting involved with intentional congruence as partner for fulfilling the lives of those concerned

- with a work/life balance beyond boredom and/or the distress of failing about details without which the best vision remains irrelevant, rather in distress/eustress, open for disruption (of the boringly self-destructive normality under OPTION I)/synergy.

And in besides; eventually universities will have to be L3-reframed away from being OPTION I courts, into LifeFulfilling Platforms to remain relevant for a desirable future for mankind - as your mindset will have to be reframed. It is about giving individuals the same opportunities like the top businesses to potentially transcend what disrupts OPTION II. How else can worthy collectives have a desirable future? Thinking by default, retired from your OPTION II, you become removed from being useful and end up under OPTION I as part of the problem, in the vain search for mass-attractivity. While with an OPTION II think-system, you can grow towards Life- through Task-Fulfillment as part of the solution.

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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung