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by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

What is next to consider seriously...

March 28, 2019: Isn't it nice what Facebook's Artificial Intelligence thinks of my FB-site in disagreement with the hidden agenda of people under OPTION I for which I an inferior, bottom-up troublesome to top-down fakes news and spin: Too good for intellectuals to be true, even if they have no clue what truth that leads to life is. Pointing out such facts, I am ruthlessly antisocial according to an intellectualized artist who is sublimating his X-being with the ?0-illusionairy quality of art. For him and the like, I am of no use to gain mass-attractivity; a questionable existence and that for those left-winger who see everything with substance as fascism...

In reality, AI applied to the data on my Facebook-site is already more intelligently to the point than the wordily evoked zeitgeist, most people aim to ride as their in fact permanently self-destructive platform. This leaves sheople, such as with the above disrupting prejudices with only this OPTION I in the dust of the media about their OPTION II, scared by those who grow by understanding. Their elite is like "The picture of Dorian Gray", the image of one-time empires up to the Vatican, and the actual and past celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, now spin doctors and their clients, such as the global politicians like Theresa May. This zeitgeist has sucked even scientists such as Stephen Hawking (the link is to a German page) with his insubstantial hypes about time, pretending no Creator is needed. This arrogant view of science, ignorant to also your substance, bewitches and enables students to follow its thinking catastrophes to disrupt it all, first their own soul's capability to experience and understand OPTION II....

Here is my USP in dealing with the fact: You and I need a personally relevant h-platform, me, being 9Pp, for p-preparing (in German it is v=vorbereiten in the image to the left) the F9-fundamental P-process of delivering the inner, conscious O-orientation for M-applying manipulation know-how to participate in shaping the living space in view of4
M / O = STRESS, so that M/O > boredom, < distress, which otherwise disrupts towards an unfulfilled death as part of the global problem. In short, I aim for eustress required for sufficient synergy in relationships, so that LifeFulfilling Platforms become possible. My contribution is providing the parameters for the Life- through Task-Fulfillment of participants. Similarly, among 144 possibilities you have your need for delivering your part of the solution and to get the necessary platform and those concerned for achieving synergy for OPTION II for life- through task-fulfillment.

This approach supports the OPTION II outlined above for real human systems based on relationship between the X-inner potential of real human being. This is realized by X-identifying the relevant open-ended generative principles of those concerned and parameterizing them in the relevant social impact dimension. This is a world-wide relevant unique innovation with no substantial competition and is of increasing necessity so that the OPTION I rat race for mass-attractivity can came to a turnaround before the point of NO return from its otherwise self-destructive systems because M alone disrupts the applier and those concerned to the upper limit of M/O = unfulfilled DEATH. There is a still suppressed global market for this approach which concerns each and everyone of us existentially. The market opens up with people becoming aware of the consequences of OPTION I, with its already desperate wordy expressions which are just sucking the OPTION II substance into the globally disrupting ZG-zeitgeist. In increasingly more realms, M/O is now already beyond the point of no return.

In April 2019 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared today that the Western, liberal model of society is dying, and a new world order is taking its place. China is supporting a move by France and Germany to launch an Alliance for Multilateralism, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said, stressing that Beijing backs any effort to promote global cooperation. Personally relevant research has so far been outcast from most religions, OPTION I science and from the societies the O-orientation they have evoked. OPTION I has never been a desirable bases for science! Not just climate science has became completely politicized and media-hyped. In recent years, no interest in new knowledge took off under its ZG-zeitgeist taboos. One has agreed on a theory and done. This is madly contrary to the principles of substantial science. That has led to cancerous thinking catastrophes, such as inquisition via pedophilia on all substantial level, e.g. by disruption fulfillment before understand etc., up to the "Climategate" scandal involving data manipulation even at the powerful British climate research institute CRU (Climate Research Unit) following the New God of Dataism - deriving the next trend within outdated paradigms such as Freudian psychology, from BIG DATA as the basis for investment. OPTION I has evoked self-censorship in science with its three taboos of not telling the inner truth that leads to life, nor pointing to it metaphorically, and certainly making no claim based on one's own understanding, denounced as egoism,  however well it is substantiated. By now a real pre-trans-trapping zeitgeist dictatorial censorship systems is made operational in more and more realms. This is the manifestation of the temple elite and the palace politicians' fear and hate of the idea that we people can take responsibility for themselves and should do so for a desirable future, and that the elite, among others have no influence on the climate change. In view of superior order of power, such as the sun on the climate, then there is less left to regulate and some of the intellectuals and politicians would not be needed. It would be so bad for them if they had at least some common sense left. There are enough personal problem and environmental issues to worry about. But what are they attempting to regulate now? The opinions about such nouns as "climate-change", beggar the real changes and the real causes, threats, challenges and opportunities.

Who knows about the meaning of his or her  >6 very good OPTION II, is helped by the this awareness more than by anything else to cope with >3 unsatisfactory, unresolved situations to deal with the otherwise >2 badly ending inner and outer stress for not understanding the options and its consequences.

Who permanently just seeks something >5 good; without OPTION II

- 15% with a good background dramatization

- 20% with a good existence

- 19% as good performers in the foreground


want the >5 good

freak out >1 very badly

seek >4 peace


in their APPEARANCE based on their background

in their foreground

in their X-existence


with their QUALIFICATION of their X-existence

when addressed in
their background

in the foreground


with their DOING
in the foreground

when challenged in
their X-existence

with reference to
common background

is bound to be part of the problem of 54% prevailing, suppressive 541-GULAG systems in relationships, institutions (Vatican-inquisition - pedophile rings - grey eminences for dive to rule), states (Evil Empire of the Soviet Union 1917 until it self-destruction 1991) and cultures (media-democracies, arrogant art and intellectuals, atheism, evolution myths). The thus with 54% prevailing ZG-Zeitgeist provokes the upstart 46% with 623-KZ (concentration camps) to liquidate scapegoats for the GULAG-repression, Hitler's 3rd Reich, social Darwinism of capitalist branding mutation-based selective economy, corrective legal system for the legitimization of the elite of media-based democracy, materialistic science optimizing M-manipulation Know-how and positions of power, religions, art, and philosophies and ideo- and psycho-logies competing for definition power


seek the >6 very good

to overcome what is
>3 unsatisfactory

with otherwise >2 bad consequences


their background

in the foreground

in their X-existence


of their X-existence

in their background

in the foreground


as a bases for their
DOING in the foreground

when challenged in
their X-existence

with reference to
common background

The above 6 level of challenging one's X-being existentially, from the collective background with archetypes, and in getting involved with the foreground of society point to the task to be fulfilled in one's life as outlined above with its consequences.

I am grateful for what the Creator and past generations for everything they have done for me with my OPTION II. Most of them were not aware of and just endured the suffering from the evil spirit of the time, doing their best even in the distress of sheer survival situations. Contrary to the intellectual elite they wanted not mass-attractivity at the cost of others, but to give their children a full and better life of hope.

But based on reality I have to disappoint you, leaving people hurt in the boredom of their seeming powerlessness, in which it seems the next generation has no future. Researchers around the world agree: our climate is a system that will tip over. I say, the prevailing mental OPTION I mental operating systems are the source of all evil!

The kids and some of the media say we have 11 years to turn away from the heat of our earth that threatens the lives of all of us. The way we live today, we will not be able to live much longer. Why do most people do nothing to allow a change of mind? Be reminded, what do you do can potentially change the lives on earth and that of our future children to the better.

Future children will ask like me now, why did we do nothing when there was still time? The sad truth for both of us is that we could have known what was at stake based on facts, the forecasts, in the light of the available solutions. But we decided to look away from that OPTION II, seemingly out of free will as had people to do in Europe in the last hundred year of the plague. I do not know about you, say kids in these times, but I'm scared. That's why they are walking on the street, this way not feeling alone with their lack of orientation. The say they will not stop anymore, nor let school adults try to make them, let alone because politicians think kids should learn something better.

What I can do for you is to convey what you should learn with your OPTION II, the orientation knowledge that allows to regulate your inner life in desirable eustressed challenging-lifefulfilling ways, rather than freaking out in distress between the extremes as the zeitgeist world and its intellectual elites do it! Under OPTION I they say, you should learn what has been taught to do for a better world, for all children. However for over 40 years, politicians have been acting as if they were achieving something at climate conferences. But every year, pollution and disruption are higher than ever. I tell you, we should not argue anymore feeding OPTION I, we have to act in synergy towards LifeFulfilling Platforms. Otherwise we will soon not regret what we did, but what we did not do. Kids think they need each other on the street to fight: the more they are, the less anyone can ignore that it's about our last chance they argue for a future full of hope for them and their children in using arguing, demonstrating and fighting as usual. But what has thus led to the problem, OPTION I, will not solve it in further ignorance of OPTION II - the only concept with a desirable future, coherently worked out and tested since 1979 with thousands of real people identified and parameterized, rather than just their BIG DATA about opinions insubstantially artificially-intelligently processed, world-wide!

Imagine the most important project for this centurywhat would it be for you?
For me, it is introducing the missing science about the O-inner orientation required for one’s M-manipulation to make sense in terms of human being's innate OPTION II for life- through task-fulfillment. This is critical because

To accomplish keeping the stress in the eustress range, Applied Personal Science APS© is required to model individual human systems in a way that does justice for this purpose. It works by identifying the X-relevant one out of 144 possible open-ended generative principles to parameterize the relevant social impact dimensions of a specific human system such as you and me and our options in a relationship.

Life is X-personally relevant synergy in view of eustress-challenges. Humanity is now in the Age of Disruption under its OPTION I of not just disrupt what is outdated, but its mainstream is indiscriminately following the mass-attractive, insubstantial zeitgeist. IT lacks the missing APScience which provides sufficient O-orientation in a critical number of real human beings to allow sufficient self-organized relationships, teams, and cultures based on sufficiently inner self-organized participants on LifeFulfilling Platforms.

I invite you to consider synergy between us to accomplish this project before the point of NO return with L2-timely exchange of project-oriented competence.

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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung