Up *YOUR OPTION II / Philosophy
by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

From the Founder of the otherwise missing science, that about YOU too

* ... it brings the light of relationship truths into the

* attitude to each other and contract implementation,

* and that towards SYNERGY - beyond "win-win" ...

* with an App that is designed for the orientation in

* the 10 basic levels, on which participants

* remain conscious, about the

* worthwhile fulfillment of their OPTION II;

* based on the parameterization of human systems.

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and you get access to how the missing conscience works. Is there ultimately anything more important in this world?

There is a Relationship-App right 4u2 (for you too to get access to); good for humans who do not insist on treating themselves and their fellows just with the general meaning of nouns with trendy verbs as trend riders and perpetrators, in fear to otherwise also ending up very badly as a victim. The App reaches beyond just qualifying nouns with adjectives and verbs with adverbs as figleaves for bad, hidden agendas. It is not about sublimating lacking satisfaction by stepping on top of fellow humans, in your intellectual foreground, TOP-DOWN. In the reality of everyday life, almost all media in colloquial language condition people to spend their lives fragmented in peacefully sounding words. The point is not a good MATRIX in which people are conditioned to use verbs to disrupt the qualities of nouns with their hidden agenda copying spin doctors with nice-sounding adverbs like: "He has learned (verb) to make his lucrative (adjective) sales job (noun) even better (adverb) after gaining an MA in business management". Confronted with such non-committing small talk, only the very good answers about WHY - WHAT - HOW, towards a personally relevant meaning, leads beyond personally-neutral intellectual political correct disruption! According to the latter you should 1) not talk about your insights; 2) by no means with really relevant metaphors, and 3) certainly not coherently express your will to fulfill your own life accordingly self-determined. Above Jesus did the latter nevertheless, overcoming the fear of people's opinions about not observing those three taboos of 1) telling personally relevant stories, 2) with metaphorical openings to include others' conscience, 3) to the point of proposing the relevant conclusion. The two formers (1) and (2) are ignored, ridiculed and argued with, the latter (3) is denounced as subjective egoism! In intellectually organized so-called objective science, any substantial personal approach is ignored as not politically correct, and demeaned by all means; from mobbing to crucifixion. The correct exclusive OPTION I demands you to wrap your agenda with convincing adjectives trying to nail down the agenda of others, yourself thus branding your role with winning hypes in the zeitgeist, such as parliamentarian, executive, human resource manager, marketing executive, investor, academic, family membership role, and thereby others psycho-logically as more or less "woman", "man", "Swiss", "German", "left-wing/-brain", "right-wing/-brain", "Jew", "Aryan", "African American", "Muslim", "Christian", "tolerant", "mass-attractive etc., i.e. beneath you, part of your target group or constituency. If you are happy with that substantially irresponsible OPTION I, beware of clicking understanding how you can fulfill your OPTION II - you might find your life-task, your OPTION II and the way how to fulfill it with...


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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung