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What Science under the lure of Philosophy really offers

April 20, 2019:

Beware: In philosophical terms, this page is an inferior heresy...

>5 good Background: According to Will Durant (1885-1981), philosophy is an attempt to humanize (personally-neutral#2) knowledge by centering the story of speculative thought around certain dominant personalities. He had hoped that the study of the knowledge-process will be recognized as the business of the science of psychology, and that philosophy will be understood as the >5 good synthetic interpretation, by now with Artificial Intelligence applied to insubstantial BIG DATA of all formalized experience rather than the analytic description of the mode and process of experience itself. In short, such philosophers compete with temple priests in providing the exclusive OPTION I templates and dogmatism to divide real people from their substance to rule them as soul- and conscience-less, personally-neutral#2 "humans" along the philosophy's zeitgeist's definition of such keyword.

>4 appeasing Platform: In the meantime we have become partially wealthier thanks to an incredible growth of available M-manipulation know-how and its application of digitizing amplifiers towards globalizing the zeitgeist of our world. However, power greedy manipulation is the prelude to art, via anything goes, by now managed to the present Age of Disruption. The disorder of our souls as the capability to experience one's inner OPTION II towards life- through task-fulfillment, is due to the rapidity of our M-development in the context of mass-attractivity having become the OPTION I measure of all things. In mass-psychosis, people are like youths disturbed and unbalanced by the sudden growth and experiences of humanity's zeitgeist, stagnating in intellectual puberty. Following the social-media trend to be clicked and liked, you frame your self like 54% into a repressive 54154...GULAG to >4 compromise on anything at any time with anybody resulting to accomplish nothing except to end up impotent as part of the problem of the self-destructive dynamic of OPTION I systems on all media. This prevailing GULAG is the price to belong to the world of "free" opinions. It provoke the remaining 46% of people to set up 63263...-KZ to get rid of the GULAG repression; the result is mutual, now global disruption unless sufficient people accept the growing distress as their personally relevant challenge to fulfill their life-task in view of their challenge to overcome their part of disruption as victim or perpetrator. As an intellectual GULAGIAN your can either demean what is >1 very bad to give meaning to what is really >5 good for >4 peaceful lifefulfillment, or vice versa like all repressive systems to get away in the 54% majority with wars for profit, inquisition for dogmatism, pedophilia for lust of perversities and sublimation, mafia- and other hierarchies, legality instead of justice, mass-attractivity as the measure of all things up to spin-doctoring in favor of the elite aiming for insubstantial global power with a OPTION I MATRIX. As an intellectual KZ-IAN part of the 46% upstarts, you can give meaning to what is >2 bad and >3 unsatisfactory for others, your enemy, to have them liquidated indiscriminately in the name of a seeming >6 very good ideology as the Nazis did it above all with the Jews. Or you can give meaning to what is indeed >6 very good, the Creators superior order and OPTION II intention to which you have access in your conscience, as the Israelites had the chance to begin with in their EXODUS, to rather liquidate errors, GULAGIAN's, fascist's, intellectual's, INTER-NATIONAL-socialism's, thinking catastrophes of their elites, politicians, scribes, philosophers, spin doctor's & Co...

>1 Foreground: Durant believed that when we have learned to reverence liberty as well as wealth, like the business tycoons, we too shall have our Renaissance. In short philosophical mindsets make people believe philosophy will always rise out of the ashes of human's >1 very bad catastrophes evoked by philosophy's thinking catastrophes with their category errors about real human being's systems.

Philosophy's best is its branding of itself:

+2 Pleasure) Philosophy claims to lead to more of the same alibi-search for what it defines as "truth" to be its pleasure, while Jesus clearly defined the B4-truth as what guides a real human being's B3-path to his or her B5-life's fulfillment, i.e. as something personally relevant#3 like all really human life.

%5 Manipulation) In H3-reality, philosophy is a lure in its mirages of metaphysics, which excites students until the coarse necessities of physical existence and having to pay back their loans, drag them from the heights of seeming superior thoughts into the mart of insubstantial economic strife. And then most of them join the mass-attractive rat race to the top to become part of the elite with their might and fame to command - control - and communicate about human resources thus disrupting the Creator - Creation - Creatures ethical bond of life...

%1 Political Correctness) To maintain the belief in its supremacy, philosophy proclaims that there is always some wishful remnant in us of its early wooing of wisdom which Plato called "that dear delight" in its limelight. Yet after all its scribes and intellectuals, so much of our lives is still meaningless, a self-cancelling vacillation and futility. As above in philosophy so below under its OPTION I, those affected strive with the chaos of its insubstantiality between and within us. Yet there are still people who have not yet sold their souls to wordy hypes and believe that there is something vital and significant in us. They want to understand how their essence is constantly transforming conscience into the light of the B4-truth. Such people, meanwhile like the last Mohicans, don't just want to seize the value and perspective of passing things, they want to fulfill their life. Then we can laugh in the face of the inevitable, to smile even at the looming of death. Real human beings want to be whole, to coordinate their life energy with §3-integrity, not just criticizing and harmonizing desires with the opinions of the others, but giving meaning towards synergy with each other!

%6 Projection) What is outstanding "to be a philosopher," according to Thoreau, "is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to B5-live, according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity, and trust." We may be sure that if we can but find wisdom, all things else will be added unto us. "Seek ye first the good things of the mind," Bacon admonishes us, "and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt." Contrary to the black art magic, B4-truth will not make us rich, but the philosophical "truth" promises it will make us free to disagree with truth's proper, substantial B5-meaning.

?0 Illuion) Why it is important to understand OPTION I philosophy and its OPTION II alternative? It is because "there is nothing so absurd," said Cicero, "but that it may be found in the books of the philosophers"! Doubtless some philosophers have had all sorts of M-mind framing wisdom except common#2, beware, personally relevant#3 sense. And many a philosophical Icarus flight has been due to the elevating power of hot air in the limelight of the zeitgeist; out of the muddy streams of metaphysical and theological disputes. In its pre-trans-trapping, philosophy is stagnant, as such permanently self-destructive in out casting what could TRANScend their thinking TRAPs, as heresies, like primitive crimes PREceeding its culture. Accordingly the pre-trans-trapping Vatican declared its cults of equal significance like the Bible. Science seems always to advance, while philosophy seems always to lose ground. Yet this is only because philosophy according to its hypes, accepts the made hard and hazardous task of dealing with problems not yet open for the methods of science to (mis)lead it, insisting IT is dealing with good and evil, beauty and ugliness, order and freedom, life and death. As soon as a field of inquiry yields knowledge susceptible of exact formulation it is called science where the really hard work of accountability begins. Nevertheless philosophy insists by all means convincingly, that it is the beginning of every science. However, science framed philosophically ends up insubstantially, as art, arising in personally-neutral#2, so called objective hypothesis and flows into its meanwhile incredible achievements of manipulation. Philosophy prides itself as a hypothetical interpretation of the unknown, or of the inexactly known as in ethics or politics; in fact it is the front trench in the siege of the truth that left in its essence would otherwise lead to life. In this sense, science is the captured territory; and behind it are those secured regions in which knowledge and art builds our OPTION I man-made, thus imperfect seemingly marvelous, by now in fact self-destructive world.

*3 Will - Ego - Survival) What you need to do in view of Philosophy as humanity's ego is to stand still, perplexed but only because it leaves the fruits of victory to her daughters the sciences, and herself passes on, "divinely" discontent, to the uncertain and unexplored. Philosophy is synthetic interpretation, followed by OPTION I science as analytical description of some objective reality. Science wishes to resolve the whole into parts, the organism into organs, matter to "God particles" the obscure into the known. It does not inquire into the values and ideal possibilities of things, nor into their total and final significance; it is content to show their present actuality and operation, e.g. the zeitgeist formation. It narrows its gaze resolutely not to the real nature and process of things but by a mainstream of opinions, above all the scribes as published in books. Philosophers are not content to describe the facts; they wish to ascertain its primarily linguistic relation to experience getting at its general and thus insubstantial meaning and its worth in framing and cultivation language as did Martin Luther, but based on the personally relevant#3 Bible. Science tells us how to heal and how to kill; it reduces the death rate in retail and then kills us wholesale in war. However, the desire to coordinate life in the light of all philosophical experience promises to tell us when to heal and when to kill. To observe processes and to construct means is science; to criticize and coordinate ends under OPTION I is philosophy, according to its self-justification. Despite such hypes, most of our means and instruments have thus multiplied beyond our interpretation and synthesis of ideals and ends, our life is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. However, Science even with philosophy based on facts without perspective and valuation, cannot save us with all good will from havoc and despair! Science gives us, beyond knowledge, M-manipulation know-how. Philosophy is obscuring the light of B4-truth, so we can substitute it with its seeming wisdom towards anything goes, brilliant for economy and politics, now reached the Age of Disruption getting rid of all O-substantial orientation

in ignorant arrogance, that M / O = STRESS < DEATH:

Specifically, philosophy includes five fields of study and discourse: logic (ideal, i.e. %1-politcal correct methods), esthetics (ideal form of beauty to express ?0-illusions), ethics (%6-projecting ideal conduct), politics (ideal social organization by %5-manipulation), and metaphysics (getting our *3-ego into so much -4 troubles because it is not, like the other forms of philosophy, an attempt to coordinate the real in the light of the ideal; it is the study of the "ultimate reality" of all things in the ZG-zeitgeist, of the real and final nature of "matter" (ontology), of "mind" (philosophical psychology), and of the interrelation of "mind" and "matter" in the processes of perception, meaning and knowledge towards +2 more of the same mass-attractivity (epistemology) since antiquity, e.g. the OPTION I rat race to the abyss, beyond the point of NO return, and a step further.

-4): What you are missing in the parts of philosophy if you have not lost your soul yet: In getting so dismembered by each and everyone of them, you first lose philosophy's promised original beauty and its joy unless its rat race for mass-attractivity serves to make you successful under OPTION I. Few people seek it in its shriveled abstractness and formality, formerly clothed in the living form of genius. Philosophy has shrunk to mo longer study merely philosophies, but philosophers, meanwhile the brand of pop and sport stars and business tycoons. People are no longer interested in spending their time with the saints and martyrs of thoughts. In opinionating people let their radiant spirit play about them in the vain hope of some clicks and likes; no longer interested in what Leonardo da Vinci called "the noblest pleasure, the joy of understanding." Yet, each of these philosophers had some lesson as part of the problem of philosophy for us, if we approach him properly. "Do you know," asks Emerson, "the secret of the true scholar? In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him; and in that I am his pupil." Well, surely we may take this attitude to the master minds of history without hurt to our pride! And we may flatter our selves with that other thought of Emerson's, that when genius speaks to us we feel a ghostly reminiscence of having ourselves, in our distant youth, had vaguely this self-same thought which genius now still speaks. Yet wordy books of dead letters, discourage our inner art and courage to clothe our insights with living form and utterance. And indeed, the presently great men speak to us only so far as we have ears and souls to hear them. But who is still is in touch with his or her OPTION II roots, consisting of 16 essential states ob being at least, of those which flower when given insights? Each and everyone of us had the experiences genuine genius  had, but we did not harvest those experiences. We have let them dried out being afraid what their secret would reveal, and the challenges of their personally relevant#3 meanings such as in the Bible. We rather throw out those babies with the formal, personally-neutral#2 language of intellectually cultivated minds. However, such Intellectuals are not sensitive to the over- und undertones of the reality that humm in real people and did when we were children. Unless we resume the attitude of uncorrupted children, still open for the heavens of relationship truths, rather than following the intellectual genius about mass-attractive sumptuousness, we are blind and deaf, condemned form experiencing our substance and that of those we pretend to love! Philosophy means to let us listen to above all the men creating the rhetoric to overwrite any hints to the H2-superior order of B4-relationship truths, ready to forgive the elite their passing errors, and eager to learn the tricks which they are so eager to %6-project bottom-down, out of their temple and ivory towers down to palace rulers and their managers of the people. "Do you then be reasonable," said old Socrates to Crito, "and do not mind whether the teachers of philosophy are good or bad, but think only of Philosophy herself (beyond the former idols of the mystical age). Try to examine her well and truly; and if she be evil, seek to turn away all men from her ; but if she be what I believe she is, then follow her and serve her, and be of good cheer."

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