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Con-Science#3, the so otherwise Missing Science

May 1, 2019: A missing relevant science, leaves intellectual space for nonsense as a breeding ground for thinking catastrophes! Find out what you are against in view of what imagined or real higher order; whatever comes up in honesty, is proof that you are an inner order yourself and that when misunderstood, punishment applies by life - as Michael Gorbatchev outlined before the fall of the "Evil Empire"...


Under frustration and pain mover the spreading of misunderstanding, I had to extend APS to the time before birth, because more and more people are just born in their body but not yet into their innate spirit of dealing with past-present-future. Also to many of those humans who have began to be personally relevant, give in to be pushed back early on in their lives, to the three PN-prenatal phases of

PN1) conception of a surviving *3-ego with its own ?0-sentiment and illusions trying to show off in the ZG-zeitgeist as appropriate for a fetus, but not for a born real human being any longer...

PN2) growth to +2 more of wellfare -4 avoiding stress appropriate during pregnancy, ignorant hedonism for physically born humans.

PN3) becoming human, that is mass-attractive enough, so getting born is not too much of a shock to the system; for born humans that is selling your soul experience of for the artificial imelight of the intellect.

What is frightening is the global preventing of giving people a chance to understand, up to the value reversal in the (1) mindset of the ruling elite. Also it is shockingly unbelievable how hardwired, fixed more and more people are stuck in the insubstantial mindsets (1), (2), (3) - easy to be identified, except for getting too much down as a weak spirit to compromise with the ZG-zeitgeist of the worldly rat-race for mass-attractivity.

Honestly, who do you know, born not just into the body but also in his or her X-substantial spirit, who is openly willingly to §1-express his or her §2-purpose with §3-integrity based on what is §0-sustainable within and relate to you on that level which allows synergy? This is the state a 20-year old person should have grown up to rather than ending as grown up into the ZG-MATRIX.

Being able to identify those PN1-3 levels is the first step to not get infected by them, but rather than reacting as hurt, just mirror the relevant framework towards opening up the next level to give people a chance. The risk is that some freak out over any such challenge from outside to transcend their MATRIX... in fear of their brand...


The ancient Greeks worshipped a deity they called "Agnostos Theos", the "Unknown God", actually something "Un-Greek", may it be PREceding its cultivated philosophically TRAPped culture as barbarian, or TRANScend it as Christianity did. Actually in Athens, there was a temple specifically dedicated to that god and very often Athenians would swear "in the name of the Unknown God". In out time that "bad luck", "accident", philosophized as contingency, as that which is against something in a more less obvious reference to a higher order. What is against all known reason and speaking in mass-attractive tongue of the mainstream, is outside its tingent power to know or do something about it. It leaves space for priests to condition, and masters to rule people without interference from prophets about the consequences, of which the Old Testament is all about. When the Apostle Paul visited Athens, he saw an altar with an inscription dedicated to that god outside the Greek PRE-TRANS-TRAP. Meanwhile the unknown was made available by C. G. Jung as collective archetypes, which Hitler artfully %6-indoctrinated half the world with towards the holocaust. Now INTER-National-socialist mental fascism evokes the hypes to cannibalize all bio-logical life, and human soul-based conscience on earth.
According to the book of Acts, contained in the Christian New Testament, when invited to speak to the Athenian elite at the Areopagus, Paul gave a speech in Acts 17:22-31 which I
L3-reframe (religion -> science, God -> Creator with his concern about out lifefulfillment and his H2-superior order relevant for each and every one's OPTION II, Paul -> my insight, Athens -> OPTION I). According to John 14:12 this is not heresy but clarification of B3-path - B4-Truth - B5-life which Jesus was identifying himself with to fulfill it by resurrecting from the otherwise permanently self-destructive OPTION I framed world once and for all and as proof that OPTION I will not have the last word, further, the arguing in tongues of the masses, needs to be followed up by relating to each other in conscience, towards understanding what allows synergy!

After if stood in the middle of organized science with a Ph.D. in Laboratory Astrophysics till 1979 my personally-relevant#3 insight translate to, “You "humans" of OPTION I science, I perceive that you are very scientific in personally-neutral#2 way with mass-attractivity as the measure of all things. For as I have passed along from 1944-79, and experienced, observed and studied the objects of your worship, I found hypes and brands about your rat race to that along that measure stick under your OPTION I. What therefore you worship in ignorance, this is what I have clarified since 1979 in view of your OPTION II in terms of the identified Creator's H2-superior order in which he made the world and all things in it as it is relevant for you to be in a position to fulfill your life, as I did in physics to improve technology. He, being Lord of heaven and earth, doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands organized by palaces, indoctrinated by temples! Neither is he served by men’s hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he himself gives order and insights to all life and breath, and all things. He made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the surface of the earth, having determined appointed seasons, and the boundaries of their dwellings, that they should seek understanding of his order, outside with the so far if perhaps they might reach out for him and find him in "objective" science#1, and in the consequences of the personal-neutral#2 "humanities, artfully#0 expressed with agendas more or less hidden from conscience#3. In the latter though he is only far from us when science#0>2>1 disrupt out mind, with his care for each and everyone of us, HE is inside, in one's conscience#3. For it is only in his personally relevant G4-truth each of us G5-lives his or her X-being with its OPTION II, and the man-made OPTION I of condemning the former at the advice of the snake to taste the forbidden fruits of intellectual, wordy opinionating with existential category errors of philosophy instead.

As some of your OPTION I philosophers and spin doctors have said, ‘we are also the offspring of their evolution myths. However, being in fact the offspring of the Creator, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold, or silver, or stone, engraved by art and design of man. The times of ignorance humanity has evoked so far in the ignorant zeitgeist of the MATRIX of its arrogant OPTION I therefore the Creator has so far overlooked. But now, since Nov. 24, 2016 in the Age of Disruption, he now commands globally through necessity for the ignorant, and insights for clarifying OPTION II that all people everywhere should repent in understanding, because he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness by the man whom he has ordained; of which he has given assurance to all men, in that he has raised him from the dead ultimately from the permanent self-destruction of all man-made systems#0, hierarchical organizations#2, amplified and globalized with technology>#1 where ignorance from conscience#3 prevails, such as 1912, on the Titanic - World Wards, Fukushima - Syria and so on.

Because OPTION II gets no foreground hypes of credibility under OPTION I, it is possible that Paul's Athenian listeners would have considered his god to be "the unknown god par excellence". His listeners may also have understood the introduction of a new god by allusions to Aeschylus' The Eumenides; the irony would have been that just as the Eumenides were not new gods at all but the Furies in a new form, so the Christian God was disrupted by atheist philosophy not a new god but rather as the Renaissance of the god the Greeks already worshipped as the Unknown God; their Phoenix said to rise out of its ashes. Paul's audience would also have recognized the quotes in his verse as coming from Epimenides' insubstantial word game paradox of self-reference, and Aratus' poetry, respectively. Similarly intellectuals call the way I point to OPTION II, under their OPTION I %1-politically correct, "inferior", pointing to my >3 unsatisfactory background with my brand and track record of references to their MATRIX, and in it, my still >2 bad foreground for getting any meaning for coaching OPTION II and fulfillment on a LifeFulfilling platform.

Remember, swim-vest and binoculars were taboo on the Titanic, the bridge with it radar unattended before the iceberg appeared as obvious. And then, the crew as part of to owner's branding of the Titanic as unsinkable, did almost everything wrong in their thinking catastrophes beyond the better know-how they were trained to use with one of the most experienced captain, and evoked the worst human catastrophe. And yet the lesson was not learnt, the catastrophe globalized in two World Wars establishing the OPTION I's global Titanic-platform now floating aimlessly in its final Age of Disruption in the madness to keep the still everywhere but around me, made missing conscience#3 unknown.

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