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The Family for Global restoring Synergy


The founding story for the GlobalFamily Facebook page began with my expedition to the inner world of selected people in Calgary (Canada), Los Angeles (USA), Düsseldorf (Germany) in November 2019. My return to Zürich (Switzerland) concluded my 75 years on earth and 40 years after I laid the foundation for Applied Personal Science APS© by discovering the secret grace of the eight possible emotional cycles. This is the missing link to understand real human systems. In fact, the resulting emotional family model is the key to understanding the soul's experience of one's innate X-being with its 16 substantial and 8 insubstantial resources, to grow in embodying one's being, with a choice of self- or other-determination in this world. On the physical level that corresponds with the personal DNA versus the disrupting dynamic of cancer cells, politically with national substance and subsidiarity-principle based countries, versus the INTER-National socialist ideologies' disruptive zeitgeist.

In Calgary, I optimized the application of modeling the 6 cornerstones versus the stumbling blocks in real human being's lives in its 144 possible open-ended generativ principles whereby one to be identified, does justice to each and every human being's lifefulfillment, versus generalizing philosophy-psychology or anything goes esoteric. I identified the CN-Calgary mentality as 6Ow-2S with which bf-emotional synch indeed worked for me as a 2D (in the photo to the right, Melissa a 1S, Brittany a 3S), whereas bv-disrupts my relationship, and it takes the IhS mutual attitude, me sharing my I-concepts in a common h-living space, that indeed led to synergy about what allows to S-relax, resulting in the GlobalFamily concept. In short, I could indicate to still somehow substantially minded Canadians what works for them in their culture after 2 DAYS, having arrived without any prior experience of the Canadian mentality, then identified as 1S/3Oa: Via making parameterization that works in any properly identified relationship reproducible - for people to become part of the solution among themselves or in their culture - and that is what the GlobalFamily aims for!

  My cornerstones: h-living space, §3-integrity, B5-life, X-being, a-intuition, L3-reframing

The associate parameters reveal the personally relevant social impact-dimension, the function, intellectual rank, qualification, and far more than personally-neutral OPTION I corrupt psychology allows, a frame work for pinpointing one's OPTION I cornerstones in one's step-wise inner growth on 5-year cycles. Personally-neutral psychology has come up with the U-curve of live satisfaction with its low around 50. This reflects the fact of the B3B4B5H1H2 5-year cycles beginning at 30 an the B3-path, which with B4-truth which leads to B5-life at its peak fulfillment awareness at 45, when also the warrantee runs out, to the H1-hope till 50, which would be an empty one, unless in view of the H2-superior, personally-relevant order of lifefulfillment growth from 50-55.

In Los Angeles, in the Anaheim Hilton Convention Center, I have cleared the basic misunderstandings about inner emotional and outer real family roles with participants in 1-to-1 sessions. This is an underestimated necessity, which has been masked by an increase in intellectual hypes up to those of spin doctors, branders, storytellers, mega speakers, Disneyland & Co., best-seller authors, humanists, layers and politicians. When I was in LA in 1975, a welcoming 1D-culture prevailed. Meanwhile it has become rather one of a disruptive  zeitgeist mentality lacking substantial orientation in giving each other contractions in the mere hope for lucrative business, or simply for surviving on the job - without emotional synchronization, sooner or later, we all get stuck in our relationships; when lacking basic answers, we get mislead by the 8 dark inner evil voices (ZG-?0 *3(+2/-4) %1-%5-%6) (die-voices), me by [-4] frustration in my essentially pushy [2D] X-onset to my emotional cycle, via Mo-T-tension into [3D]-anger, without grace, a seemingly useless 3D-womb. Typically we all get indiscriminately disruptive in reducing each other with one's respective die-voice, the other as his. Thus every soulless body considers me -4 dissatisfied and what I express, say here, as -4 dissatisfactory, thus missing the point only revealed in emo-syncing with me. Otherwise I am tempted to reduce emotional Fa-fathers as ZG-riders, Mo-mothers as ?0-illusionary, respecting 1S just for *3-ego-survivers, 1D as fiercely %1 political correct, 2S as +2 greedy, 2D and myself as -4 dissatisfactory, 3S as %5-manipulative, 3D as %6-projecting stupidity towards its amplification. 
graceless A-anger when triggered beyond the point of NO return by
?0     ZG     %1     *3      [-4 ]   +2       %6     %5  into out A-anger
2S     Fa     1D       1S      [3D]   Mo      2D       3S   beyond T-tension
Mo    Fa     1D       1S      [2D]   2S       3D       3S   in our X-being

It takes an ignorant intellect with a Disney-Lego-mentality to arrogantly deny people a personally relevant X-substance beyond the physical body in which they are they are born. Darwin may be pardoned, because he could not know about the DNA and what keeps our body alive and together. The metaphor-taboo of intellectually formatted science suppresses the obvious; the birth process in its 4 stages happens in analogy, to the 8 possible emotional roles. Any real human being's X-principle of lifefulfillment has a specific one available as depicted to the left:

The amazing photo (left) shows a family of 8 people projecting the respective support or expert-system in the birth process. Their actual position in the photo and the family matches the intellectual stereotypes about gender roles and social family positions. And that is where mental disruption occurs! One's emotional role has nothing to do with sex and position in the family we are born into. So every 8th woman can have a "father" (Fa) emotional role, while my wife's real is a caring emotional mother (Mo), who tries to care for any newly emerging substance, such as in a king's mind to be brought to life in the kingdom.

In short, a biological son can, in fact, have a mother-emotional role and so on. In the family, I was born into, both my parents were, emotionally speaking 1st daughters (1D), with me as their firstborn, a 2nd daughter, my sister that followed a 2nd son (2S), the youngest, my brother as 3rd son! And indeed, such was the emotional dynamic in the family I grew up with! Thank God I got the insights in 1979 to clarify our family's thinking catastrophes at least in my mind, and from then on, have helped many more people to clarify their relationships, while becoming increasingly painfully aware of how emotional thinking catastrophes lead to the human catastrophes of divorce up to world wars. So Fa-France and 2S-Germany made wars for centuries and the latter was finally smashed in World War II by 3D-England and 1D-USA and the Fa-Soviet Evil Empire, and afterward the 1D-USA atom bombed 1S-Japan. In the middle of those bloody rapes, abortions, womb and fetus power games, Mo-Switzerland kept neutral to be of caring service, in mid 19th century, it introduced the Red Cross to "humanize" the further even more terrible wars to come. On Nov. 5, 1944, when I was born, my father had to go to the Army at the Swiss border in view of a possible Nazi invasion, ready to sacrifice his life. At the end of the last century I was informed, that at that time, the Nazis had plans to turn a large, nearby coal for gas burning plant into a massive concentration and liquidation camp. Nowadays most people sacrifice the B4-truth that leads to their B5-lifefulfillment in view of their 8 dark inner evil voices and the zeitgeist's ghost path, as outlined below - selling their soul for some illusionary mass-attractivity and the like. On that path, more and more of all those nations' elites, let alone the already failed states, are now falling like foul apples into the insubstantial zeitgeist's INTER-National-socialist ideology's Age of Disruption with its twittering hypes! Having already made more than half the life forms extinct in "modern" times, has mankind learned anything from history except to become even more subtly efficient, now globally destructive, while intellectually covering up M-emotionally disruptive manipulation of the feeling about insights? How about YOU? Still, like reacting like Herod when Jesus was born when it comes to an OPTION II challenge like this here? Actually humanity is being sucked with artificial intelligence into the insubstantial cyberspace MATRIX which is replacing the collapsed intellectual edifice, Fa-China with fearful Fa-Xi-Jinping leading the trend; 1D-USA  former zeitgeist champion with Fa-Trump trying to stay on top of the USA disrupting itself (see the above knives of the 1D-womb - which should be responsible for preventing a stillbirth, or in distress<death, a caesarian, and before the actual birth process, emotionally an abortion) and Fa-Russia's smart 3S-Putin attempting to restore the former Evil Empire Oligarchy!

Are you part of "Save Our Souls" for lifefulfillment before the point of NO Return?

In Düsseldorf, I experienced the necessity to reveal the zeitgeist's disruptive priorities of the zeitgeist in storytelling marketing and branding.

My 9Pp-substantial (to be qualified in dealing with what is >6 very good, the H2-superior order of B5-lifefulfillment) ignition sequence 1Kd3D>6 is opposed (people#1<>temple#0) by the zeitgeist's insubstantial 0Kd3D "ghost" path on which people are making virtual opinions; K-creating d-designed story-hype-brand-ideologies to become mass-attractive in the zeitgeist for their own#3 D-definition power. There are 22 other substantial sequences in the total of 24 possibilities of arguing (#0-temple - palace#2 - people#1 institutions), concretization (E-evolutive, K-creative), conscience (priests#0 - masters#2 - servants#1, the 3 top-down roles and the disturbingly bottom-up prophets#3) and P-position or D-definition power).

Back in Zürich
, we now start practicing emotional synching as a precondition to keep stress within eustress, which allows for synergy, with the responsibility for the substance hate/love attitude towards L2-timely exchange of project-oriented competence, and where that cannot yet be sufficient, towards L3-reframing the applied knowledge work beyond the snake's temptation with the wordy fruits of the intellectual trees of knowledge. Actually, those trees are now extinct from real life since Nov. 24, 2016, and so its zeitgeist disciples in the organized science and the media, are now aiming to make soul experienced personally-relevant bio-logical life extinct - as already has happened to half the life forms since the last century. By now, their envisioned plans are on the increasingly faster disruptive track...

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Foundation Story Save our Souls M-Enemy Balance
beginning with the story about emotional synchronization as the precondition for synergy to fulfill your life in the
GlobalFamily and beyond.

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Gretchenfrage, Hinweis, für DichAnfragen:

My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung


© Copyright 2018, Dr. Peter Meier, Blog, Version: 21.06.2024 Privacy Policy Terms Attention Q&A
Gretchenfrage, Hinweis, für DichAnfragen:

My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung