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Als im Zeitgeist Minderwertiger, fördere und fordere ich Deinen F1-9 Geist im Umgang mit der, und Deiner Vergangenheit; in Deiner Gegenwart hin zu Deinen Aufgaben mit Deinen F1-9 Lebensfunktionen, für eine Zukunft der Erfüllung in der Menschheit mit der grund-legenden Vor-bereitung dafür erstrebenswerter Prozesse - wie ein Baustatiker für einen Architekten.

The Blind Spots in OPTION I Science Clarified

The 9 Think-systems which led to the missing one under OPTION I, AP-Science:

1) Hypes in Physics with its "Fabric of the Cosmos:

- in humanity on Earth
- in the minds, hat/who applies life energies

- Time has no known essence, in 3-dimensional Newtonian mechanics it is a universal flow from the past via the present to the future. This is manifested  in the observed entropy increase in closed systems just as 'human' deteriorate and humanity becomes self-destructive. It is measured in reliable repetitive processes (day/night, lunar cycles, year cycle, pendulum, quartz oscillation), Albert Einstein introduced the 4-dimensional Space-Time continuum. To deal with the required precision, time is now based on the Caesium standard of a 9'192'631'770 Hz clock.

- Cosmology concludes there was a BIG BANG some 14 billions years ago, out of which the universe including life and also your self evolved; in its model, after 100 billion years of further expansion everything will be out of sight of each other due to dark matter's anti-gravitation. Time Travel is seen possible near the incredible high gravity of black holes, there time passes slower. And in Einstein's 4-dimensional Space-Time, speculations about wormholes in a bent space come up as short-cuts to even multi-universes have come up, though it is impossible to get data from them if they have a real existence at all.

- Then Quantum world is seen with its entanglement of elementary particles, the space in between consisting of 70% dark matter with negative gravity, which explains accelerating expansion of the universe into the thus ultimate dispersion of all matter in an ever bigger space as we can now see in within the limiting speed of light. If such theories transcend all reasonable perception one speaks of a genius such as of Albert Einstein. And of course such geniuses are now intending to replace bio-logy after artificial intelligence 1.0, the intellect, with virtual artificial intelligence 2.0.

The ultimate physical hypothesis is that reality is two-dimensional and that we live in an illusionary three-dimensional hologram of it - with the devil operating the laser limelight? In short, what is the difference between these 'scientific' hypes and the catholic ones about hell in the dark ages? The time frame, which in the case of the former is of the order of some 100 billion years, and in case of the latter the external time of sinners frying in hell. This way the Catholic Church could ripping people of the money for the indulgences to pay for the Vatican's artistic orgies and godlike powergames in Rome. Today among other things, secular taxes are used to pay for things like CERN, in with the ultimate aim to create a controlled BIG BANG after the atom bombs as the modern version to play godlike.

2) In the Present Time here on Earth

In the time of the Corona show [in German] 2019/20(-22?) the actual political thinking catastrophes reveal the human knowledge work as a foreplay for the upcoming human catastrophes on the one hand, and on the other hand they offers another chance, hopefully before the point of NO return, to finally consider OPTION II.

Now it is becoming clear to more and more people; the knowledge work in this world has become untrustworthy; the reason is simple; using it nobody can really understand anybody, not even themselves. People from all walks of life who seriously consider the problem agree on this, including without hesitation, upon request a professor of political science who otherwise advises governments. That was at the beginning of 2020, i.e. before their Corona-show. In it we should sees that without synergy with one another, there is no desirable future for mankind. The good news is that I have been developing the required, so far hidden knowledge work that is fully relevant to everyday life since 1979; it is now operationally available. And what is truly amazing and yet obvious, it reveals that even the above outlined physical hypes about the outer universe follow the same tracks as the 8 dark-inner evil voices (diev)! Instead of using the former to cement the latter in their unholy misleading humanity to waste live and resources beyond the point of NO return,


- what YOU are X-here for (in an otherwise in regards to you, cold
diev1-ZG zeitgeist disrupting evolution of the SOCIAL SPACE evoked by the
diev2-?0-illusionary permanently-self-distructive social BIG BANG, compared to which YOU are irrelevant in the disruptive human,
diev3-*3-social Darwinian ego-history of 0-sum power games, which in 'time', without any understood and accepted essence, end in vicious circles other of misusing
diev4-%1-politically correct entanglement of people in World Wars, disruptive like anti-gravitation with its one-track minded dark holes on the one hand and particle-entanglement on the other hand like
diev5-%5-manipulative conspiracies of multi-ideological universes

- how to revive the innate substance you have available with 16 states of being to fulfill the X-one YOU ARE, despite the
diev6-%6-projection of lime-light bent by the above matter along the equally bent space as introduced to keep c-the speed, of light e.g. like overcoming the OPTION I-ZG's disruptiveness in all circumstances, so even in crisis of the star formation, e.g. 

- diev7+2 greed for return on investment you can practice conscience with emo-syncing with those you live and work with, as the precondition

- towards synergy to become part of the solution with LifeFulfilling Platforms

- as traveling in the universe is limited by the c-speed of light, individual human development has so far been pre-trans-trapped by the 8 die-voices of the ZG's evolution, where the 'father' of all things begins with disruptive 0-sum power games 'resolved' in wars. But in the middle of the Corona-crisis, April 14, 2020 talking about all this, my wife provoked me into discovering the following 'wormholes', as substantial short-cuts out of insubstantial raw emotional TAG-disruptions usually scaled up with the respective die voices, e.g. Adolf Hitler hysterically raised his die-voice about his Arian %1-political correctness to gain bloody global attention resulting in up to 70 million people killed and far more lifefulfillment destroyed. Here is how you want to be remembered as someone who made use for your respective 'wormhole(s)':

MoT.fin %6-projecting T-tension, by fulfilling substantial f-feelings rather than throwing unempathic traditional tantrum, and/or
 G.tin -4 frustrating G-guilt, by t-thinking substantially rather than blaming, scapegoating, and mobbing to maintain traditional power over, in the name of others, to treat people as children, i.e. sheople und er her skirt...
3DA.Sin -4 frustrated A-anger, by S-relaxing, rather than esoterically sublimating to save face, and not just to remain in the game as a stupidity amplifier...
2SA.pin ?0-illusionary A-anger, by applying substantial p-perception of what is, rather than excusing oneself by asking for more concrete alternatives...
2DT.t engulfed in ?0 about what society is about in T-tension, by substantial t-thinking beyond, rather than becoming desperate about lacking attention...
1DA.Mstuck in %1-political correctness in A-anger, by overcoming it with a substantial, M-maximal perspective, rather than forcing the issue in the name of some insubstantial value...
3ST.Sin %1 T-tension, by S-defocusing to open up for substantial superiority, rather than just top others to show off, and/or
 G.pin %1 in G-guilt of preaching water and drinking wine, by p-perceiving how to give an example about taking desirable initiative with others otherwise stuck under outdated traditional OPTION I...

The remaining Fa and 1S have no such 'wormhole' as way out of otherwise gracelessly getting stuck in raw emotions! As experts, their job, like that of good kings and princes, is to make sure that the other 6 family member use their mental wormholes to provide substance for  the kingdom. Otherwise the
- Va-King is left to his Va-TAG emotions, i.e. other-determined in the ZG-zeitgeist, to dissolve in angry-guilt in it with his
- 1S-Prince focused on 1S-*3-surviving the Va as the king, with his XTAG-XMXM as a  X-white prince, in A-anger a dragon slayer, and in focusing on the M-maximum, usurpation of the thrown, making himself G-guilty to get the wrath of the Fa-father, ending up together with the king, as in Shakespearian tragedies, with their empire lost. Such was the fate of all those empires - check 'Daniel' in the Old Testament!

These hints are of utmost importance for this quarter (Fa, 1S out of 8 possible emotional cycles) of humanity! Lacking a *3piral /connection/outlet/path wormhole, their search for it is in vain and  just gives rise to weird religions and esoteric, until they realize instead, that they have the above outlined obligation. Otherwise Fa-fathers and 1st sons get dissolved into the realm they are looking for, in the zeitgeist with their empires, or outcast in some other nirvana or hell. Why do you think the literal God-Father is looking for and helping the 6 out of 8 people l*with (like) the real Creator's Holy Spirit to find their wormhole and the others to recognize their obligation? Fake gods such  with luring exclusivity claims, offer instead ways to sublimate the inner personal relationship to the created substance, so people *become sheople who turn to their idols and philosophic- and ideological abstracts and fancy constructs - such as Uncle Sam, Big Brother & Co. wanting you...

Here is the example of Mo/6Bw-Switzerland: When things get T-tense (1315 in view of the Austrian, 1474-77, the Burgundian, 1798 the French invasion) the Swiss followed the call to defend their H2-superior order to that of the European mad zeitgeist. Since 1848 the Swiss are called to in more public referendums than held in the rest of the world. If they fail because of the respective motherly ?0-die- illusionary voices of traitors and substance haters,  such as about Napoleon, they fail to f-feel in a timely way. And so the Swiss  otherwise remained clear headed during in all the other mad European wars after 1515. Up to the end of the Cold War, there was no question about Switzerland to maintain its 6Bw-substance of keeping the F6-controll over the Bw-working out its boundary conditions. However in the Corona-crisis, at it onset, most Swiss' civil courage and sense of substance was already weakened by the blackmailing tactics of the EU. The shameful occupation 1798-1812 of Switzerland devastating punishment by the French, which applied for that past G-guilt of falling for the zeitgeist seems forgotten. Since 2007 Swiss politics got slack about implementing the essence of its constitution. It began to lose sovereignty in costly and subtly eroding ways in favor of the EU. To get there infotaining the Swiss sovereign, the people, from the top-down was applied so the more intellectually formatted Swiss minds lost touch with the substance of the Swiss Constitution. However, 1812-47 after such a deterioration of its substance, other-determined by the French Empire, Switzerland licked its severe wounds, e.g. in the end 4 Swiss regiments were forced to be part of Napoleon's failed Russian war, and only 400 men out of some 16'000 made it back. At that time, anger grew in Switzerland erupting in its, own civil war in which some 150 fall in all battles: compare this with the USA civil war; its worst war, stuck in mutual anger, having missed the A.p wormhole,  with 600'000 thousand killed, the wounds still not really healed. The main battle in Switzerland's liberal party (similar tot the US north states) was under then command of the f-t-wise General Henri Dufour who, unlike say the US-Gulf wars, waged the war with the f-t-desired end in mind. Later Dufour played a key role in establishing the 'wormhole friendly' Red Cross.

Then Switzerland revived it's t-substantial thinking, in 1848 coming through its 2nd wormhole having missed the first one in their f-feeling for the context, before 1798 corrupted by the ?0-illusionary glamour of Versailles and its bribery, unlike now in relation to the EU's blackmailing with the Guillotine clause in their contracts to get compliance with a 'framework treaty'. Then after the healing of the French cannibalization of Switzerland, in 1848 the result was the outstanding, substantially liberal constitution of modern Switzerland. It has kept us out of the European madness, topping it all, in the World Hot and Cold Wars of the 20th century. But since 1968 the understanding and implementing of the Swiss Constitutions' substance has eroded and more and more figure heads are now top down in the intellectual hierarchy occupied by the dark-inner evil voices of the zeitgeist; against which the substance of Switzerland rose up in 1291.

Now there is a coherent App which handles the relevant relationship truth of human systems to allows to model all relevant mental wormholes of human systems, here the relevant output for the Swiss Mo-?0 mentality (there is more to it than revealed here):

Now compare this to the 1D-%1/5Ka USA-mentality; the Americans missed their  A.M wormhole when the North-liberal versus the South-conservative in their M-maximally destructively hateful 1D-A-anger escalated 1861-64 in its the Civil War. For the same reason, in an exemplary way of the American elite in its cultivated %1-political correct arrogance missing the timely p-perception of the Japanese fleet, so it could attack Pearl Harbor leaving the American in G-guilt. Unlike the then f-t alert Swiss of 1315 who were very aware of the invading army of the then 'super-power' Austrian army. The Swiss destroyed that arrogant army totally and so they could proceed getting out of the European madness with their 6Bw-substance. In the case of the USA, its underlying A-anger requires the p-perception to be able to admit the G-guilt to allow the grace to get its X-substance restored via the 1D-A.p mental wormhole; the US-main, now lame-stream still tries to sublimate this relationship-truth after Martin Luther King had a go at this unfinished business which now Donald Trump tries to deal with.

In its post-WW II wars the USA lost about as much life from unresolved war-trauma as it did in its battles; more people than ever are now dumbstuck and blinded from seeing the path that in truth, mentally via personally relevant wormholes, leads to getting life restored..

This should give you a clue to the incredible breakthrough the discovery of the mental wormhole is to give humanity a chance to overcome its incredible intellectual ignorance about how its arrogant thinking- evokes human catastrophes.

You see, the die-voice -4 causes stress in front of the wormhole for Mo-2D, from which people are conditioned to rather stay away from, for going through its wormholes could lead to transcendence of rather going on maintaining %5-manipulating %1-political correctness, the intellectual %1-socially compatible 'man-made' foundation of society. Too bad, that foundation collapsed Nov. 24, 2016, now made apparent 2019/20 globally in the Corona-Show [case study in German relevant for Switzerland]. And so the die-voice ?0 (Mo) and +2 (2S), the mutating agent of ?0-illusionary art-marketing branding the +2 return on investment greedy for unlimited growth economy PREceding the ZG (Va) %5-%1 0-sum game traditional TRAP prefers the latter over the former, the primitive arty-economy complex over substantial science in favor the OPTION I intellectually formatted knowledge work with its thinking catastrophes even after its collapse into meaninglessness Nov. 24, 2016 in ways of remaining part of the problem, rather than learning the lesson (which intellectually wordy conditioned humanity has so far refused to learn in the face of its now ever faster self-destructive history) from its bloody -4 human catastrophes (2D-exemplified in the Old Testament, therefore the Jews of all ages were misused as scapegoats) to become part of the solution via OPTION II, with the precondition of making use of the respective wormholes.

Look at the Titanic, the Challenger, the Tschernobyl and the Fukushima Disasters, and at the documented evolution of the GlobalFamily I, in order to realize, hopefully still in the time of grace, that   

- you/humanity remaining under OPTION I, cannot avoid disrupting zero-sum power games which

- end in vicious circles such as ultimately hell, with at least parts of your substance in it gone...

- when you join sheople who prefer the 8 dark-inner evil voices to sublimate understanding as you have experienced it most of your life so far...

- where sheople feel FREE to do 'anything goes' among each other, blind that

- they are NOT FREE from the consequences of hating the Creator under the spell of the Beelzebub strategy, because of

- HIS order, which is far superior to the no longer trustworthy, insubstantial man-made, personally-neutral (dis)order in which

- its established science allows NOBODY to understand X-self or anybody else...

YOU STILL HAVE THE CHOICE provided you are not bewitched by the 8 dark-inner-evil-voices and accept that each M-application of manipulation requires a personally relevant O-orientation; the 5th Dimension to keep
M/O=STRESS in the eustress, below distress, which is <DEATH.


3) What are Life-energies and Who/What applies them

The APS modeling of real human systems illuminates the structure of the respective mindsets; yours is one out of 288 possible open-ended generative principles with their relevant relational truths and outlining the consequences of your options. If you become open on this basis, you will get a sufficient description
- of the emotions, their phases and the possible further reaching grace, by which you decide to overcome
- 1) the disrupting zeitgeist voices beginning with 2) the illusions about 3) the reactive mind and the other 5 disruptive voices, i.e. the 8 hitherto unknown causes of nightmares, exaggerated fear, upsets and insecurities that amass real people into crowds.

With this overview it is finally possible to overcome the OPTION I of disrupting one's own inner life in the rat race for mass- attractivity! Thereby it becomes possible with one’s own OPTION II 16 essential states of being to fulfill one’s life with its corresponding tasks.

Up until the 21st century man could only dream of this. The access to the understanding of OPTION II and the consequences of OPTION I enables people with sufficient good will to do among other things get access to make decisions about to the following:
- the 8 possible emotional cycles, one of which corresponds to you as available life energy
- The emotional synchronization with one's own X-life-fulfilment principle and with knowing that, to synchronize with those of fellow human beings who are open to the synergy possible in mutual understanding.

- The desirable ability to give meaning to the four phases,
X-T-A-G-X... of the life energy –
- with one’s own X-being
- the T-focus of one’s tension to the fulfilment of a task
- the disappointment of the A-anger associated with failure
turned at the inner or outer disruptor of fulfillment
- the G-guilt, which alone in its openness to the grace of the necessary X-T-A-G dynamics allows for restoring the X renewed self in understanding.
- The self-determined choice to either simply align one's own life energy with all consequences of giving in to the 8 malicious zeitgeist voices, or to one's own X-OPTION II X-fulfillment with one’s own 15 further essential states of being, which are to be ethically formatted as a means to that end.

Both Options I and II are connected with the corresponding experience of the X-T-A-G phases. The G-X Grace requires a sufficient acceptance of one's OPTION II experiences to consciously create clarity about the G4-truth, which leads one on one’s G3-path in the freedom to accept G4, to one’s G5-life’ fulfilment.

Otherwise one remains mercilessly condemned to the associated T-A-G disruption of one a-own conscience, to suffer the loss of one’s ability to experience OPTION II (soul) thus sublimated to the 8 malicious-dark voices, in the
1) ZG zeitgeist, reacting to one’s own
2) *3 ego reactions due to previous
3) ?0-illusory interpretations of painful experiences (in mental programs, i.e. engrams of hardened traumas), torn between
4) +2 towards the still possible lust,
5) -4 away from the frustration

With the resulting behavior, you remain under the OPTION I Damocles Sword of the
6) %1-political correctness, urged towards its
7) %5-manipulation, as a victim of one’s X-self, or as a perpetrator, towards one’s fellow human beings or nature, part of the thereby
8) %6-projected new problems, of permanently self-destructing new ZG zeitgeist trends, in which one’s own remaining substantial wishes and goals turn more and more irrationally against oneself; remaining unfulfilled with all writings and teachings condemned to be nothing up until the extinction of one’s X-self existence. Out of this need one can make a '0-illusory virtue' of a mass attractive 'life,' until the 'point of NO return', or join such a mass movement, e.g. Switzerland joining the EU.

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