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by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

Who has been part of respecting your Person?

                                                                      Benjamin Harnwell

May 7, 2019: Please make sure you have studied the introduction

Obviously the >6 very good source for your X-being is he Creator of all we are aware of, and that includes YOU in your X-essential being. To overcome the otherwise spreading the >2 bad opinions introduced by the snake, Moses Pp-prepared the EXODUS of the chosen people. And to overcome their >3 unsatisfactory mobbing of him that lead to the dance around the Golden Calf, he brought the >6 very good 10 Commandments to them from the God, who X-is, who he is. Jesus Christ has given  us a chance the rediscover how truly >6 very good God has meant each and every one of us to become and have personal relevance#3. Not so the top-down world we know - yet does no longer exist as we will see; on top of its "ghost" sequence are its supposed self-evident, convincing forms of temple art#0 now branded with Artificial Intelligence, given meaning to serve the hidden agendas of the palaces#2 for implementation by the people#1 in return for "providing the pimp kind of protection" from having to bottom-up be responsible for the fulfillment of one's inner, personally relevant#3 substance which rather deserves respect for its task-fulfillment!

And then judges/prophets, kings/scribes - theocratic Pharisees' spin doctoring#0 philosophers/priests - intellectuals#2, executive ministers/politicians, in the name of the >5 good for people#1, created humanity's cultures by >2 badly instrumentalizing God's commandments for their hidden agenda of making people work#1 for the palaces#2, so they can rule as formatted by their intellectually superior temples#0. Instead of >4 peace, their hierarchical chicken ladder  evoked >3 dissatisfaction among humans, up to >1 very bad world wars; said to be the "father" of all >5 "good" things, the >6 "very good" progress and worse, now threatening to become a curse, and has already evoked the Age of Disruption after the scribes of the  OPTION I rat race for mass-attractivity *have been collapsed on Nov. 24, 2016.

Alexander the Great with his onset to globalize western culture now versus (/) now the rising Islam and China, in the following in the format
M=prevailing for manipulation/O=orientation upstarts want attention for
was followed by the Roman Empire / Philosophy, the Vatican's global Catholicism / Galileo's universe, Columbus's global trade / Humboldt's web of life, Newton's laws of nature -> technology / Charles Darwin's evolution myth, Karl Marx's global social Darwinism -> communism / Sigmund Freud's libido, Einstein's relativity -> quantum physics / C. G. Jung's collective archetypes -> Stalin's and -Hitler's-capitalism's instrumentalizing of human resources / 68 generation's OPTION I ideologies -> demo-crazy, Stephen Hawking's atheist's science hypes / Applied Personal Science sets itself beyond the -> Age of Disruption's globalizing internet of everyone and things, digitizing cannibalization of the accessible Creation and the lives and minds of all Creatures to demean the Creator with the Beelzebub strategy / LifeFulfillingPlatforms based on OPTION II to rediscover and give meaning to personally relevant X-existence before the point of NO return from humanity's end as the cancer of the living space Earth...

The Beelzebub strategy is said to have been evoked by the smartest member of Lucifer's gang after the decent into hell. For quite sometime those upstarts were frustrated and had to realize that they had no chance against the Almighty. But then Beelzebub had a brain/mind wave: unable to confront God directly he suggested stirring up God's human creatures against him; the invention of mobbing!  And so he turned into a snake and initiated his strategy in paradise, by promising Eve that with the fruits of the forbidden tree, the personally-neutral#2 intellect, she and Adam could become godlike. And indeed now almost everybody can speak up under OPTION I to globally create likes and followers in the limelight of the zeitgeist just as the Roman God-Emperors, the Popes, and the Grand Masters Stalin - Hitler - Mao did in the past, as when God spoke, there will be light, and there was light, and he found it good.

Similarly, mankind's idols, to the elite's short-term benefits, can mislead sheople in the zeitgeist. This is well illustrated by literary figures like Oscar Wild's "Dorian Grey", Goethe's "Dr. Faust", and the works of many artists, philosophers, politicians, spin doctors & Co. and intellectuals. At the occasion of 500 year after Zwingli's Reformation in Zürich, its philosophical-theological elite found looked hard for a common ground in "God" and found it as a strong literary figure. The then President of the renowned Federal Institute of Technology where I studied physics, 1965-69, Prof. Lino, Guzzella, in a personal meeting with me in 2015, after I mentioned the basics of OPTION II, declared the meaning of life as a chemical-physical process. End of 2018 he was thrown of this Pegasus on which he was riding the zeitgeist stumbling over a mobbing incident. On the wall near Lucerne there was once a graffiti saying, Nietzsche: "God is dead!", God: "Nietzsche is dead!" The Creator's H2-superior order still holds beyond human manipulation and so it makes sense to understand its relevant aspect for one's lifefulfillment, as all my work has aimed to do since 1979.

The Formation of the Intellect respects real human beings only as seemingly "humans", but it disrespects their personally relevant fulfillment as a subjective - chemical physical-hormonal-neuronal process. The distortion of the innate OPTION II and making themselves understood and understanding others with the aim of synergy, is best exemplified by psychological diagnosis as it is still done based on Jungian collective archetypal words in ambiguous judgmental terms of

- extroversion (h-assuming) / introversion (designing systems),

- concrete ("brainy" science#1)/ abstract (social science#0>#2)

- emotional (feeling the context of E-formal evolution) / rational (conscious consideration#3-#1-#2-#0 about K-creativity)

- organized (position power) / easy going (definition power),

ignoring the required >qualification of one's OPTION II for lifefulfillment to conclude one's Ignition Sequence with its 24 options. One, 0Kd-3D, is insubstantial, the "ghost" sequence, the forbidden fruit; It switches no real human being on, it is just by those who have sold the soul to enthuse a crowd under OPTION I. One of the other 23 is doing justice to each and everyone of us depending on her (Eve) or his (Adam) X-being; here is my qualified option that works to switch my inner resources on: 
2-0/1 E/K h/d 0>2>1<3, P/D >1-6 via my argumentation - concretization, dealing with systems, conscience, power with >qualification (mine >6). Beginning with the Ancient Egypt's idolatry, the dance around the Golden Calf, the Catholic cultivated tradition which declared its tradion to be equally important to the content of the Bible and so on, up to atheistic hypes and other zeitgeist nonsense, short cut people's ignition sequence more than ever!

Based on my X=9Pp: Reframing C. G. Jungs' categories [link is in German, a Test auf Deutsch] for my 1Kd-3D>6 ignition sequence of awakening to my 9Pp-being, is expressed below in bold, and that is what psychology can do, it takes no personal responsibility for the personal relevance of those concerned. This shows in how the intellectual elite freaks out when just asked for the most simply personally relevant information, such as their birth date, as if it were a privacy violation! Test it for your self how they react, and you get a glimpse of their fig leaf over their hidden agenda! And beware, on your B3-path with them, only the B4-truth leads to B5-life! So here is an example of how I am seen from insubstantial psycho-logy B4-lacking:

as an IKDO-type systematically switching his substance on, introverted (I) designing, arguing concretely (K) (this German psychology-test makes me an "abstract" IADO "precision- minster" congruent to the non-committing, organized, wordy prejudices about conscience#3) freedom-ministering (the 4-keyword combination IKDO) / more relevant; fulfilling oriented, rational(D)- easy going(O). I expresses my power as a People#1-Prophet#3 with Definition Power towards the qualification in dealing with what is >6 very good, e.g. the H2-superior order, beyond human manipulation.

The full text is the best explanation of my ignition sequence. So here is the intellectual trick of

  1. disrespectfully equating the OPTION II X-being of a real human being with his or her ignition sequence as it appears under OPTION I's simply wordy double-choice questionnaires; described in the above Jungian wordy terms. Such category errors are typical for theology-philosophy-psychology intellectual elite.

  2. disguising the temple#0>palace#2>people#1 hierarchy together by using the term  "abstract" to hide the hidden intellectual#0>#2 agenda with its pecking order, opening interpretations with non-sequiturs - inconclusive, therefore insubstantial opinions, allowing to make conscience#3 a missing science with all its terrible consequences in human history...

  3. To thus embed people in the MATRIX of zeitgeist hypes, the Jungian keywords are embellished with contextual clichés and prejudices say about introversion, concrete materialism, abstract justice, which delivers no justice; it maintains its institutions above all else with freedom limiting organizations, and so on, all outlined in an easy readable text so people agree with %1-politically correct, socially compatible %6-projected mainstream opinions of use to %5-manipulate as many people as possible into the zeitgeist' norms and forms with its requirements of best for the elite, practice and compliance, to get rid of any challenge to zeitgeist mainstream ideology-theology-philosophy-psychology. No Creator  or bottom-up prophets get any meaning under OPTION I, just certified well studied humanists, not really being in them X-selves, but conditioned by the mainstream scribe's books, literature, media who follow-up their professors. The human affairs work top down conditioned to condition people's disruption to make ruling them easier, cheap and rewarding. Education becomes ultimately inFORMing people to maintain the power of OPTION I institutions and the brands of the global players; now to be digitized with Artificial Intelligence to get rid of any remaining substance and and the elite-disturbing conscience#3 of the kind you are exposed here

In short, willingly or seemingly unknowingly humanity has largely given in to maintain the OPTION I with its self-destructive dynamic. This makes Beelzebub and Co. dance in hell together with its  followers and zombies on earth together, at the abyss, globalized, synchronized, a step further - unless sufficient people fulfill their OPTION II - how about YOU?

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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung