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by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

March 25, 2019

It is right to mutually support each other in relationships, teams, organizations and cultures in living and working together. In order to solve even the hardest problems, we need to expand the inner framework to allow sufficient substantial commitment.

For this purpose it is good to give meaning to the personally relevant orientation necessary to under-stand how participants reach desirable goals. Then fulfilling them can be accomplished rather than repressed through hidden agendas, or sublimated with impunity!

Life- through Task Fulfillment requires as much synergy among participants as is necessary for them to become and remain part of the solution for LifeFulfilling Platforms.

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Without SYNERGY, EVERYTHING is Nothing

[DEUTSCH] nicht wörtlich - sondern auf dem neusten Stand

What is RIGHT? For me it is modeling the highest level of relationships and the reason WHY you and I are here. Where this cannot or has not been sufficiently done, just by simply arguing intellectually which always ends in bad ways. It pays to dig deeper and overcome unsatisfactory backgrounds, i.e. faulty, "sandy" basis to build the foreground.

In fact, being 9Pp*, institutionally branded as Dr. Peter Meier (1944), the worldwide zeitgeist prejudges me as an inferior, bottom up assessor of people, often referred to as "prophet", i.e. a universally unpopular approach. Up until 1979 my profession was numerical science (laboratory astrophysics - cryptology - IT-management - R&D entrepreneur). Then I fully realized the unsatisfactory way organized OPTION I science models real human beings, and this has meanwhile led to the bad consequences of lacking synergy! The intellectual evolution of the subtleties which shamelessly cover up fear with lies and fig leaves, has led to a better survival for better liars. Such liars have brought humanity to the Age of Disruption, from its tipping point on Nov. 24 2016 onwards (BREXIT-politics disrupted Great into Petty Britain, the universal exit from nature, and life, effective states into failed ones. In physics I have learnt to address the bad foreground, which in practice has been so far falsely modeled or not at all, by reframing the unsatisfactory background of mainstream irrelevant theories, i.e. to work smart for there is nothing better than a good theory applied.

What is GOOD? For me it is having made up my mind to provide WHAT is required for Life- through Task-Fulfillment. This is the sufficient condition for the necessary peace among each other in order to be able to participate in desirable relationships and societies; with or without opinions.

Since 1979 I have followed my vocation of modeling relationships in and between human systems based on what allows for synergy in very good ways leading to LifeFulfilling Platforms. In 2015 that led to a Synergy App 1.0 that indicates the mental state of partners in terms of the parameters that give meaning to the possible loving engagement, and to be able to not fall for the parameters of hateful mutual disruption. In March 2019, App 2.0 has became operational in the context of the European Union insisting on framework treaties (plan before the plan, so as not to fall for hidden agendas in going about plans and treaties) with its members and associates, including Switzerland. However, the hidden agenda is a dynamic update of the EU's institutions in relation to the zeitgeist, in disregard for any national and personal substance. Synergy-App 2.0 delivers the parameters for handling the 10 levels of how to deal with legal and word-based personal contracts such as in marriage, legal, business and constitutional systems. In short this App helps solve the problem of thinking in terms of mass-attractivity in social impact dimensions, by parameterizing them with the inner resources of those concerned. However, even after IT has allowed for personalized desktops, and at least medicine has begun to consider parameterizing the general healing of organs with the individual DNA, media politics still aims at disrupting national substance in order for the mass of people thus deprived of orientation to adhere to a globally evoked zeitgeist.

What is FULFILLING? For me it is qualification for my X-existence by providing methods and applications about HOW people of good will can also qualify through gaining awareness of the meaning of their inner X-being-substance-conscience-soul, or however you refer to your X-self, in considering what life-through task-fulfillment means to you in personally relevant terms.

- Your X-substantial "DNA" can be identified in order to obtain your parameters and also those of people with whom you have a relevant relationship, in reference to the relevant relationship truths. The parameters of your X- being allow for the understanding which help you to keep your investments (money, fame, technology) with the potential application of manipulation within the healthy eustress range. Only there can you shape your life in synergy inside yourself (health, work/life balance, happiness) and with others, to successfully allow for LifeFulfilling Platforms!

- The same applies in general for the relationship between individuals and institutions, internationally between states, before the point of no return from disruption turning them into into failed states, which would otherwise at the abyss, slip a step further into decay and war with the one way ticket of the winding down and eventual destruction of real evolution of insubstantial human systems.

- By continuing to follow where this pages leads to, you will learn to overcome the PREceding excuses of PRE/C-players, in order to cope with the stress in your comfort zone/TRAP, when surrounded by just trend riding TRAP/B-players. And instead of the self-destructive OPTION I hard way with superficial lies and suppression-bound images, you will attract conscientious TRANS/A-top performers, who TRANScend the zeitgeist's OPTION I with their OPTION II for mutual Life- through Task-Fulfillment striving for level 10. Without fulfillment, the inner substance dwindles and people give in to the very bad dynamic of OPTION I - in a downward spiral from relationship level 10 of life-long fulfillment, down to level 1 of disruption in the zeitgeist:

$-bound Branding

/ Life Fulfillment  =



institutional duties

 1) pre-trans-trapped


in one's own role:

 2) intellectual hierarchy



 3) psycho-politics/-lology



 4) challenges + visions



 5) threats/opportunities


coping towards

 6) disruption-distress

target group

synergy with own

 7) task-fulfillment


basic resources

 8) conscious life-fulfillment


giving meaning to

 9) lifelong learning


integrity awareness

10) inner growth in eustress

left-brain, under
general OPTION I

right-brain, essential
personal OPTION II

psycho-somatic interface
necessary / sufficient

The higher the level, the less space there is for top(10)-down(1) relationships...
They range from opinion>mass-attractivity>disruption to path-truth-life
excited>trendy>self-destruct         basic fundamentals remain

The risks in my life evolve out of an unsatisfactory background and a bad foreground
where I do not know
how to understand what I am doing:


- With my OPTION I institutional branding I have qualified in electronics (1960-64) and physics (1965-69) to achieve a Ph.D. as a "PalaceMaster" with a synthesis between aerodynamics and quantum physics (1970-73), then with digital simulations for verifying banknotes, and as head of the Cryptology Lab of the Swiss Army, for decrypting hardware and voice patterns (1974-79). Then in my own business I set up IT-systems that have modeled the personal requirements of businesses (1979-1986). I hope you can understand by now, that the *X-life fulfilling substance I am, manifests with >6 very good F9-fundamentals about the personally relevant laws of life-fulfillment, now ready for bottom (substance) - up (fulfillment) P-processes made operational to p-prepare Lifefulfilling Platforms.

- I am innately -justified to do so since 1979 coherently, based on the F8-necessity to p-prepare personally relevant B-boundary conditions based on Applied Personal Science#3 APS©. The proof are Apps (2015-19), based on the personally relevant open-ended generative principles of those concerned allowing for the necessary L3-reframing of OPTION I. The O=APS-orientation is sufficiently complementing the necessary top-down branding by association with people successful under OPTION I's M-manipulation Know-how, instead based on participants' X-potential to fulfill their sufficient orientation; in

M / O = STESSS in the range beginning with boredom of achieving nothing, in

- eustress of attracting synergy towards Life- through Task-Fulfillment. That prevents you from becoming irresponsible in distress experienced by the slaves and clones, of billionaire's and zeitgeist's brands' politicians, intellectuals, spin doctors & Co, who end up in unfulfilled DEATH. The question is: Do you want to waste your life in distress, or do you want your path in truth leading, in eustress, to your life's fulfillment? The M-energy and time-investment is roughly the same on the bottom as on the top level, however the life span, quality of synergy-love experience is as different as hell is from heaven!


This was the short version of how I have framed and expressed my substantially parameterized biography as an inner funnel from unconsciousness to consciousness about my desirable life fulfilling future with the parameters relevant for my OPTION II: X=9Pp#13>6/B5, J=8Bp#22>6/L3. This surely diverges from those scribes and critics (& Co). who want to remain part of the problem, such as caused by Pope Urban II who aggressively shut up Galileo Galilee. Intellectuals freak out from the perspective of a X-substantial path that in truth leads to life, and yet sheople follow such intellectuals say with copy-paste for mere clicks - and YOU?


Once you have acquired your parameters, you can also learn to shape your inner funnel to as a sufficient guide for your necessary outward funnel, which helps you express your social impact coherently, in order to become part of the solution, LifeFulfilling Platforms. This allows you to support the flow from inside out to share mutual understanding; in eustress towards synergy, if necessary bottom-up, when dead fish move with the current, i.e. even under OPTION I's self-destructive systems. You can also get to know in which life-phase X-J, your X-substances merges with your J-self-justification. Then your life is at its peak; you had better prepare it, and afterwards with gratitude to make sure there is still a fulfilling life afterwards. As for me, now 74, my parameters predict that my peak of inner growth is just ahead, already in the transition phase after the 1999-2019 stretch where I was urged to deal with my unsatisfactory background. That was after my 1986/87 exile in Australia, where I begun to make APS operational, now verified to a >5 good state. So I am now gradually getting free from insubstantial understandings in my background with practicing APS, in order to sufficiently L3-reframe science. And that is what I have consciously prepared for since 1979. It took me as long as Moses' EXODUS in the Sinai with the chosen people! In my case it involved relating to the OPTION II of thousands of X-identified people and cultural mentalities world-wide (Europe-Australia-Japan-USA-Bali). I have learnt to relate to the best potential for life-fulfillment in everyone, in the hope, that sufficient individuals can still be motivated to better express their meaning, even in the face of weaknesses to no longer fall under the zeitgeist-spell of OPTION I! This requires learning to identify and avoid disruptive, that is bad people, and all their life wasting cults...

Here and now, I am talking about a stagnating disruptive outside world in which you still have access to all the shares of responsibility in your inside world; this OPTION II is your ultimate jackpot, your major asset and resource! I hold all the shares in providing for the parameters for you to capitalize on your shares of responsibility. I have 100% of the shares world wide with the know-how of APS. This is unfortunate for the world's stagnation in substantial growth, but fortunate for me and my partners to have access to the whole range of experience which has made human history possible and the now urgently required L3-reframing of the personally relevant, lifefulfilling application of science and technology, which needs to begin in people's conscience!

Thus the urgent challenge for the rest of my life is the need to face, globally without substantial competition, to turn the almost everywhere forbidden Applied Personal Science#3 APS© into a business for a sufficient L3-turnaround with L2-timely exchange of project-oriented competence, before the point of NO return from humanity's further self-disruption. All is ready except the critical number of real people ready to become a L1-lovingly engaged part of the solution of investing their own OPTION II X-substance for their own sufficient OPTION II life-through task-fulfillment.

Judging by what has so far driven your biography, what do you think you are here for?


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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung