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by Applied Personal Science Dr. Peter Meier, Bachmattstr. 23, CH-8048 Zürich, Global Identity, Positionierung

The best-kept Secret of OPTION I Science, its TRAP!

April 5, 2019: This secret is why in the end, most organized human science hypes turn out the wrong way; that is why building trust in science has failed, even with the best efforts of Prof John Ioannidis. What if he is still stuck under OPTION I on his >6 very good platform in medicine, he focuses his work at the >3 unsatisfactory state of science in view its >2 bad, i.e. insubstantial background and the consequences of its category errors when it comes to human systems - such as in medical, environmental and social sciences:


In 2005 Prof. Ioannidis dared to outline why and how the foreground in science can become >2 bad based on his widely researched field of medicine and beyond. He addressed the exemplary MMM-medical misinformation mess such as with all the medicines unused, largely, with marketing better than its ineffectiveness, ending up polluting the living space, together with the insubstantial humanities have made sciences concerning humans unreliable, ultimately self-destructive beginning with the genocide of the bees. Prof. Ioannidis points out that health care professionals' lack awareness of the real problems of patients, and the lack of willingness and ability to evaluate the relevance of what is available. On the other hand, patients lack relevant information and skilled guidance for decision making. And so if people just get older and less fulfilling, they have more time to cannibalize the planet. As individuals they are under the demeaning spell of the Cm-media hypes stemming from the intellectual zeitgeist' hierarchy of "temple>palace>-people".

Mass-attractivity as the OPTION I measure of all things above all opinions in Cm-multiplying communication, leads to the devil's repressive and eliminating of the meaning of all substance, in the 5>4>1>5>4... and 6>2>3>6>2... cycles. An obvious effect is people getting demeaned with age; by now to the point where there is hardly any more transfer between the generations, which has opened Pandora's global MATRIX on Nov. 24, 2016, to the present Age of Disruption!

In order to address the >3 unsatisfactory causes of MMM, Prof. Ioannidis came to the conclusion that the problem lies in the failure to observe his 12 criterions for science in order to remain self-correcting, here exemplified and illustrated with my own experience since 1965 on the basis of the 12 elementary social impact dimensions:

  1. large collaborative research securing objectivity (me specifically in establishing the Cryptology Lab of the Swiss Army 1975-79)

  2. adoption of replication culture for validating the focus (studying Physics at the ETH in Zürich (1965-69, a Ph.D. at the ANU in Canberra (1970-73, workshops in Europe, Japan, and the USA)

  3. registration for studies at multiple cultural levels towards realistic expectations, MeaningGiving Informatics Ltd. (1979), and Applied Personal Science, 1986 in Sydney)

  4. data-method-software sharing tuning into the state of science (various co-operations, verification in a German mother-child clinic)

  5. reproducibility practices to tune into best practice (workshops in various cultures, Europe, USA, Japan, Bali)

  6. containment of conflicted sponsors and authors towards fair claims (confronting OPTION I champions in religion-science-politics-media)

  7. more appropriate statistical methods to do justice to experience and quality control (various studies about the OPTION I and II structures of teams such as the City Government of Zürich (1990) and the Swiss Federal Government and cultures world-wide

  8. standardization of definition and analysis to best harvest experiences (internet presence since 1986)

  9. stringent thresholds for claiming discoveries or success to remain solution-orientated (M/O=STRESS tests and trauma treatment, verification in a German mother-child clinic)

  10. constant improvement of study design standards to remain in touch with the real problems (making APS operational with Apps)

  11. peer reviews, reporting and dissemination to allow constructive critique (challenging the OPTION I elite bottom-up from the substance with the motto: Where I am there is a learning process, at least mine)

  12. better training in methods and literacy to maintain inner engagement (life-long learning and coherent improvement)

In optimizing the approach to maximize the utility of his work intellectually, Prof.  Ioannidis, a X-People#1Master#2, appeals to scientists at the limit of %1-political correctness, psychologically disguised, as a Palace#2Prophet#3, in his own words, as an uncompromising gentle maniac and requires scientists to account for what is based, in APS-terms, on the eight emotional levels of the traditional family model, the

  1. power over the fatherly problem base (me as a People#1Prophet#3 with an appeal as also a Palace#2Prophet#3 to heal the %1-fake news of insubstantial power, in view of the gravity and importance to address the necessity for a solution to M/O=STRESS (see below) beyond boredom, and being spoilt by business as usual, even now in Silicon Valley stuck in M to sublimate O with Artificial Intelligence. I appeal to the need to account for O beneath distress, spreading like cancer in our Age of Disruption, in failed states of mind to unfulfilled DEATH

  2. motherly context placement with the evidence for the necessity for new studies

  3. 1st son's hope for information gain in analogy to physics, entropy reduction of systems regardless of the outcome of experiments and conclusions, with or without mere opinions

  4. 1st daughter's valuing of tangible pragmatism as relevant for real life, and what abstracts, and artificial deviation entail

  5. 2nd son's tangible efficiency in producing value for money in research for more efficient, more effective M-manipulation know-how, to emancipate further from former, now often seen as undesirable O=orientation e.g. conscience, and the substantial value of understanding real human being's OPTION II , which is often denounced as unscientific, subjective, i.e. inferior under the still prevailing OPTION I

  6. 2nd daughter's inner alternative for those concerned, and other participants and the expectation from the public and what compliance and political correctness truly demand/require...

  7. 3rd son's identification with the feasibility of the market and the political and legal trends

  8. 3rd daughter's play with transparency as a stupidity amplifier, as the necessary precondition for coping with the bottleneck, so the data can be trusted for proper verification of any thesis, and to overcome any misleading bias.

Prof.  Ioannidis created a >6 very good academic platform for himself, on which he can disseminate his further research with the most clicked (2.75 million) scientific paper "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False", Aug. 30, 2005. This speaks for the importance of the issue and the weight of the prevailing "scientific" lack of O-orientation and conscience, in its rat race for mass-attractive M-manipulation know-how, to deal with removing the Creator from HIS Creation and to manipulate HIS Creatures. So is Prof.  Ioannidis mass-attractive message more than a vehicle for prestige? In 2005 it shed light to the surface of the coming Age of Disruption, which despite his intention to make science more relevant, came Nov. 2016, as if what he pointed out had not been translated to be implemented into application in science. In the meantime, the zeitgeist has left him as a prophet in the desert of ignorance, climate change and pollution of the sea getting dangerous! Mainstream science is no longer just riding the zeitgeist, but it is proactively evoking it with Lego-mentality, playing with God particles, hypes about black holes, with BIG DATA for "anything goes" with Artificial intelligence and more than ever with disruptive politics. According to the former president of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (where I studied physic 1965-69), Prof. Lino Guzzella, the meaning of life is seen as a chemical-physical process. On the other hand, Prof.  Ioannidis looked for the solution under the limelight of OPTION I, where it cannot be. However, OPTION I champions who are willing to sell their souls like Lino, find budgets and fame for dealing in their rat-race for mass-attractivity. But the solution can only come by investing sufficiently into people's OPTION II for Life- through Task-Fulfillment!

So here I am in that quest as
9Pp, with my name tag "Dr. Peter Meier":

I help those responsible for human systems to get their sufficient understanding of their substance as O=orientation in applying more or less necessary M-manipulation know-how. This is relevant since

M / O = STRESS<DEATH: The Applied Personal Science, made operational, addresses the translation of the meaning of this equation to how science can be a long-term blessing, rather than going to end up as a curse in its ignorance for the implication of unconsidered chemical-physical-rhetorically manipulative use for the substance of real human systems. Work, based on Applied Personal Science is required, this so far unique approach is necessary towards a desirable personally relevant future. Merely philosophical edifices with other-determined personally-neutral words, flying carpets in the ZG-zeitgeist, cannot do in their personally-neutral principles. It works with 144 input-internal states, or 1728 iso (including output) relevant open-ended generative principles. Simply speaking, my is-oegp is 9Pp, applying function 9 in getting fundamental P-Processes p-prepared, like here by pointing out the OPTION II perspective to you for your kind consideration.

If this is
something you're interested in, let's set up a quick call (Skype ahaaps). I can demonstrate how you can keep M/O in your present 5-year life-phase in the eustress, above even Silicon Valley's boredom, and keep it beneath the distress of ideologically evoking insubstantial disruption, i.e. in the range which allows synergy with an attitude for which an App is available.

In short, YOUR OPTION II is the hidden secret under the spell of OPTION I's driven science. The latter entails no justified hope for YOU, simply an insubstantial common, i.e. fake solution for all; unfulfilled death!

Your translation of your OPTION II into your life's fulfillment has now been brought to light with Applied Personal Science, for you, here and now. The OPTION I which like Martin Luther tried to reFORM the Catholic Church, Prof.  Ioannidis tried to upgrade in vain, like Sisyphus, has sadly too often made science more effective in coming up with more self-destructive material growth made necessary to sublimate ignorant arrogance. That path has become an ?0-illusionary figment of the imagination with divisive power. Among others, it divides young from old, poor from rich, evoking further social risks in ruling people. It is based on the purely materialistic view to deal with it all with insubstantial, artificial technology. That is, without dignity and recognition for the OPTION II life- through task-fulfillment, misleading to personally-neutral OPTION I nonsense:

Without personally-relevant O-orientation knowledge, for the OPTION II of those concerned to give them a chance to understand relevant relational truths, everything seems to evolve too slowly for greedy people, actually, they move faster and faster, not noticing that, to the abyss, conditioned for a step further. Rhetoric diverges from reality and mutual trust without a substantial understanding and that, disrupts human systems. That is why science ignorant of OPTION II, in the end, becomes its curse rather than the blessing its hypes promise!

And this is how the science's elite in the service of the hyping-temple and the ruling-palace, focus on

- the >5 good for them cherry-picking of what is >6 very good for a >4 peaceful career, you should not talk about, such as their

- cash cow branding; you should not >3 dissatisfy them by making their intentions transparent with appropriate metaphors about the >2 bad rest risks, and their

- scapegoating to maintain their hypes' return on investment with which you should not subjectively-egoistically compete with, in >2 bad ways violating those 3 taboos (the Mess of Mankind's Mass-attractivity as the measure of all) of storytelling - metaphors - ego claims/subjectivity and rather make it simple for them, never mind if that divides you of your §3-integrity, the main thing for the ruling elite is simplicity in their ruling over you in their evolution of how they use forms left alone with reformations and beware of L3-reframing your task- with your OPTION II life-fulfillment...

  •  1[5]>4 After science has relieved people of their >1 very bad survival background of painful, content-free physical work, with machines made possible, and in our time from non-fulfilling personally-neutral know-how-work and thinking, with the aid of computers, it is now supporting the synthesis between machine hardware and computer software, with the artificially hype-bound market-intelligence, robots. However, more of the same progress with M-manipulation know-how, cannot lead to the personally-relevant, desirable answers; quite the opposite, infotainment the foreground with falsely appeasing storytelling hypes with hidden agendas, humanity has become increasingly self-destructive under OPTION I; the signs are on more and more walls and in the media!
    => Opportunists leave the background of such people alone, as on the Titanic...

  •  5[4]>1 And so, once more, trendy speakers want more disruptive leaders as the solution to the problem they globalize with their hypes towards people's fear of >1 very bad metaphors about Damocles swords over their survival of the foreground.
    => Cowards with their hidden agenda leave the foreground of such people alone, as Chamberlain did it for peace of his time ignoring the rearmament of Germany for war...

  •  4[1]>5 In the present Age of Disruption that culminates in mass delusions about insubstantial, >1 very bad ego-hypes and wishful thinking enhanced with Artificial Intelligence applied to people's BIG DATA about their opinions on the basis of the insubstantial evolution myths relevant just under OPTION I. That is to eliminate the potential for creating Life-Fulfilling Platforms in order to maintain the intellectual temple-palace-people hierarchy...
    => Insubstantial politicians leave the qualification of such people in view of the real problems alone, as with Churchill, Blocher, and Putin, so they burn their fingers...

So much from under the insubstantial OPTION I, formally closed devil's 5>4>1>5>4 opinionating circles of the 54% prevailing, repressive 5>4>1 GULAG systems! This provokes the remaining 46% to organize KZ-6>2>3>6>2 concentrations camps about opinions e.g. think tanks, aiming at eliminating the GULAG's INTER-National-socialist's thinking catastrophes and random terror, by evoking human catastrophes against them as executed by the indiscriminate National-socialists:

  •  3[6]>2 Even Silicon Valley has begun to stagnate under OPTION I on the tip of self-destruction by now, according to Peter Thiel investor in, and board member of Facebook. According to his >3 unsatisfactory background stories, Silicon Valley has lost its once >6 very good drive and is already creating too little benefit for real people. This diminishes the motivation for innovation and productivity, a typical development for formally closed systems and empires with a complacent elite. And that is what already Daniel pointed out in the Old Testament for empires this way with a foreground >2 badly pre-trans-trapped by its prevailing misleading metaphorical hypes, inhibiting parameterizing of real human systems beginning with YOU...
    => The mighty leave the back- and the foreground of such people alone, with me, so you do not get challenged; deprive them access to the real problems, as did the Pharaoh against Moses...

  •  6[2]>3 badly Ego-powerless people without inner orientation disrupt each other, but no longer outdated ideas about living together towards a substantial L3-reframing, as in leading-edge flow teams. Frustrated by >3 unsatisfactory foreground metaphors as hypes like the evolution myth, people let their substance wither away on all levels. This tendency of the zeitgeist divides people's essential intelligence, now largely fragmented and frozen, thoughtlessly into other-determined dead-end wordily mass-attractive dramatizations.
    => The intellectual elite with their thinking catastrophes leave the qualification based on the background of such people like Jesus, relevant environmental science, etc. demeaned, so they get no legitimation to really solve the problems in the otherwise dissatisfying foreground. If necessary that is done by crucifying such people to put an end to them and their OPTION II in dealing with the zeitgeist which would demean the failing elite and their insubstantial paradigms...

  •  2[3]>6 dissatisfied by their ego-powerlessness, people are now confronted with the millenniums old background of >2 bad intellectual metaphors which have culminated it present global Age of Disruption for mobile-controlled Sheople, Cyborgs, who have turned down their learning only to how to emancipate themselves from their personal substance, e.g. for anything else but their life fulfillment to go. And this "throwing out of the baby with the bathwater", leaves people in fear of being disrupted in one's rest substance by the guile of the time. The zeitgeist seems to have won in human history with its demand to smoke the hot air of trendy hypes instead of you breathing for your life's fulfillment...
    => Those with real power in the world, use the qualification of dealing with the dissatisfying state of the world based on its bad background of such people like Lenin, Stalin, Germany, Hitler, Obama, to get rid of them at all costs after they have done their jobs as useful idiots, to maintain the insubstantial OPTION I short of any OPTION II to prevail...

Please become aware, that any human system, of U2 (you too) is basically either part of the problem or part of the solution in one of those six levels of qualifying his or her substance. Where do we go as part of the problem with an insubstantial dramatization of our qualification with disrupting that of others, without further perspectives and substantial solutions? Not to what is innately desirable, to conscientiously fulfill one's life! The latter is only possible with responsibly understanding OPTION II, with or without opinions even under OPTION I's mass-attractivity, the curse and Damocles sword of the mainstream application to misuse of the science, priding itself with its inadequacy for real human systems!

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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung