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Als im Zeitgeist Minderwertiger, fördere und fordere ich Deinen F1-9 Geist im Umgang mit der, und Deiner Vergangenheit; in Deiner Gegenwart hin zu Deinen Aufgaben mit Deinen F1-9 Lebensfunktionen, für eine Zukunft der Erfüllung in der Menschheit mit der grund-legenden Vor-bereitung dafür erstrebenswerter Prozesse - wie ein Baustatiker für einen Architekten.

The Worm Hole in People's Minds

GlobalFamily I foundation story continues on the 5th dimension:

You are welcome to check my progress in an interactive way for those who have realized that so far
organized science
1) has lost its credibility when it comes to human systems and
2) that it provides no way for anybody to understand anybody else, not you, yourself!

Beyond the world's OPTION I, in your being, you are gifted in your innate purpose and ability to quickly synthesize and simplify complex inputs into your OPTION II of actionable, logical, results-generating life- through task-fulfillment beyond ZG-zeitgeist ?0-illusions.

Your conscience guides you not to unduly -4 overwhelm yourself and others when growing by facing challenges as opportunities to qualify for your OPTION II. Even in the accelerating social media traffic, which just aims at *3-surviving by generating 'quality' leads and sales, you can become part of the solution toward the desirable world after Corona. Your conscience provides the leverage of time-efficient insights to systematize your task fulfillment delivery. This qualifies you beyond the world of +2 marketing automation closed to %1-politicall correct achievements of client satisfaction to be able to %5-manipulate customer groups to fuel an ongoing flow of %6-projected quality referrals, i.e. ?0-visions <+2 scaled up> with %6 projecting a higher return on otherwise -4 frustrating investments with risking increasing costs and loss of substance in business as usual...

No matter whether you enroll in your popular, i.e. other-determined OPTION I time, or engage with your OPTION II substance, your time to apply your life-energy runs out. However, considering the O-orientation about timely relationship truth makes a difference you do not want to miss! Applying your time sufficiently oriented, not just in-FORMed, your path leads to fulfilling your life; without it, to its disruption. Business growth strategies, step by step guidance, technology recommendations and focus on the end result might be necessary, but they can never sufficiently sublimate substantial orientation, just as technology will not work without applying the laws of nature! Never mind if hypes suggest anything goes in the emerging ?0<*3>ZG virtual world.

Before I founded Applied Personal Science in 1980 to deal with the meaning of human life, I worked with the laws of nature up to a Ph.D. in Laboratory Astrophysics, and 1974-79 I updated the cryptology laboratory of the Swiss Army to computer simulations, using an outstandingly successful model of collaboration. On this experiential basis of working with substantial blueprints I became able to model human systems and verify them in relations with thousands of people and their different cultures, worldwide. I thus learned to work in terms of open-ended generative ways with the appropriate 1728 possible principles I have identified in real human systems.

As "DOC Peter" as outlined below, I want my partners and clients to fulfill their OPTION II, which would allow you too to make the most of your own talents and gifts to create not just your best business success edge as a means, but to the end of YOUR life- through task-fulfillment.

With my 4 self-determined life-energies, i.e. X-T-A-G e-motions:

- My -4 disliked X-substance of existence, because it reveals itself beyond OPTION I, has made me, consciously called at the age of 35, to X-fulfill it in preparing the >6 best possible attachment to the OPTION II for B5-life- through task-fulfillment by using my growing capability to

- use my, in itself ?0-illusionary mental space for my t-thinking to work out the >6 very good meaning of T-tensions among humans in order to focus them towards in the H1-hope justified in the H2-superior order I aim to model for a safe space for

- %6-projecting A-Anger in a >4 appeasing B2-breaskthrough within the O-eustress orientation to allow synergy with others to set oneself free for substantial S-defocusing from what is insubstantially disruptive for the future, to become free to multiply what is essential for the OPTION II B3-path, which on B4-truth leads to B5-life,

- in order to work out the H1-hope in the v-values manifested in the, in itself >3 unsatisfying +2 likes rather as openness for caring for substantial growth beyond otherwise insubstantial OPTION I disruptions by mere application of M-manipulation Know-how. This is based on sufficiently considering
M / O = STRESS < DEATH which outside eustress, humans lack the grace to get stuck in impotent G-guilt; covering it up with the OPTION I fig leaf of thinking-catastrophes by which scribes, intellectuals & Co. aim to become godlike for man's likes, ending in the well know human catastrophes!

Now the time has come to convey the results of engaging my life-energy to the above substantial distillation of my existence, now available via parameterization with Applied Personal Science for all concerned with good will. Here are the following steps how this so far missing APscience works to transcend the pre-Corona tree of knowledge work initiated as OPTION I by the Serpent in Paradise; beyond its temptation with the evil purpose of getting rid of any OPTION II! So please become honestly aware about what you have experienced from education, training, practice and science organized under OPTION I on their many different levels, up to religion, about understanding and fulfilling YOUR OPTION II - and what you still miss in the light of what has been made possible:


1) 3S-Initiative


N-nurturing beyond OPTION I evolution by mutation, towards fulfillment of personal life's substance:

With the latter, it is no wonder, what most people thought about DOC Peter, me, when shortly before the onset of the global Corona-Show; then 75-year old, former Laboratory Astrophysicist in Canberra, now working in Zürich, I pretended to have figured out

- just in time, emotional-synchronization for prevention of disruption, and then at the peak of the Corona-Show,

- the wormholes, not in cosmology, but in 75% of real people's minds to substantially transcend getting otherwise stuck in anger or guilt.

K-relevant knowledge about the form in which the human cultural context evolves to defend itself against any OPTION II:

On April 14, 2020, I indeed cracked the required knowledge about the personally relevant mental wormholes! That was after 41 year of in-depth studies of human systems with the science forbidden by the system wardens and scribes of all cultures since the time people could write and the scribes had usurped the definition power about "God", "humans" and their social life confined by such mere abstract constructs. With those at first bricks, intellectual edifices, institutions were erects. In the last century, denotational words became flying carpets in the zeitgeist and so on Nov. 24, 2016 its multilateralism collapsed and its debris are now overshadowed by the Corona-Show which began soon afterwards to crown the now globalized synchronization of zeitgeist...

The following video is a relevant introduction for those who understand GERMAN - für das danach darunter Folgende; meine Geschichte hin zu den persönlich relevante Grundlagen für die eigene Umsetzung dessen, was im Video aus der personen-neutralen Sicht in die richtige Richtung weist:


Namaste (my souls' experience aims to relate to yours)

The internet chat group of the Global Family began calling me "DOC Peter", which does justice to my function in the community as a "Director Of essential, i.e personally relevant Communication" though I am not any such tag as sheople make themselves to believe they are, thus relieving themselves from caring for their true identity. Essentially speaking, I am 9Pp! That has required my identification and from you, understanding what those abbreviations point to. It is my responsibility to fulfill who I truly are, so you have a chance, with good will for my substance together with yours, to account for what synergy requires - what else are we here for?

N-What insights this site is intended to nurture

And here I am going to tell you the story how I, sufficiently nurtured, passed through my m.t mental wormhole (MWH) got mentally reborn came to understand that MWH of mine and based on what I had insights into and worked them out since 1979, that of my wife Diane. This finally allows us to substantially care for each other properly, i.e. allow each other's MWH, now locked down in these Corona times, in Switzerland, the country in Europe, after Spain and Italy most infected, and us are part of the risk-group. This is not just the present episode of a a life-changing story about us, it could become the one for humanity where most people, have now become conditioned as Corona-sheople, and still lurk around the wormholes, blind-folded by the wordy intellect, locked down from getting out of the OPTION I trap through considering the available MWH.

Now I am going to point out the plain consequences which become apparent by t-thinking straight in my nurturing m-focus on the real nature of human beings, and the resulting consequences of either
1) talking from a cradle point of view rather than intellectually
2) fragmented in wordy coffins in terms of the denotational meaning of words, which spin in the zeitgeist; ever faster in the rat-race for mass-attractivity, disrupting what they once pointed to under OPTION I, straight forward in personally-neutral traditional ways - in Christians cultures based on the way the Bible used words. That quality, in out times more subtly than ever, has so far limited the OPTION II of personally-relevant life- through fulfillment! In a similar way does the speed of light limit traveling in the universe. Wishful thinking would prefer that after having wasted Earth we can all move to the next planet, just as people migrated from the rotten Europe to cannibalize the rest of the world- meanwhile that mission has almost been accomplished...


K-Point at the requires Knowledge

Over the years since the foundation of Applied Personal Science (APS) in 1979, thousands of people have experienced some of its challenges, some in relationships with me, others monitored by me. By exchanging their reactions and insights, glimpsed from their usually short glances into their MWM-mental wormholes, they have contributed bits and pieces to the now available knowledge about the personally-relevant MWH's meaning as short-cuts out of otherwise emotional traumatization. All of that has led beyond my own experiences; that has triggered and released the puzzle pieces in me which are now on the table. All the pieces in place now show the sufficient relationship truths. All is now coherently programmed as a system, encompassing all relevant aspects of human think-systems for their orientation for their innate purpose in life-practical ways, operationally available. On top, the wormhole map allows people of good will to transcend the millennium old thinking catastrophes which are still evoking the same old human catastrophes! However, the latter are now globally synchronized in a way that the next stage to which the Corona-Show was just a foreplay, can be initiated within days. For this purpose population immunity is now established against any OPTION II; Do not kid yourself, humanity, already at the abyss, is now conditioned to a state in which most people are mentally ready for the next step - in either direction...

On Nov. 24 2016, all millennium old attempts to establish a New World Order with the intellectually artificial 1.0 intelligent evolution based on wordy philosophies and ideologies of mass-attractivity as the measure of things have failed for good, hardly noticed by the main-, which meanwhile has turned into a lame-stream. In fact all the intellect based institutions have become the problem they have pretended to solve at the cost of selling people stupid enough to be fragmented into wordy coffins which are now floating in the ever faster self-destructive zeitgeist. Organized science has meanwhile shifted a long the media more and more based into Buy-o-logy; resulting in interactive mind-, skill- and tool-sets developed for faster rapport among the economic drivers. In its ways buyology is at this time an outstandingly smart business opportunity, transitional towards replacing soul-based biology with artificial 2.0 no longer human intelligence, soulless based on BIG DATA rather than the H2-superior order of Creation.

Since economy does not thrive without building relationships of business trust, in the end between two parties, in the stock exchange more and more computers, BUYo-Logy is ultimately the science of ‘sells of 'anything goes' so long as that is between humans minds, it emerges in every idea, opinion and discussions which demand exchange or sale, in future between autonomous algorithms gaming for resources to allow processors. That is not at all the same as

- the lifefulfilling exchange between cells and conscientious real human being's cells integrated in bodies and those of soul-experiencing humans with such bodies on Lifefulfilling Platforms. It is already

- more of the same unlimited economic growth that cannot be §0-sustainable. In humanity it cracks its members' essential open-ended, lifefulfilling generating principles down to the DNA of their cells, making them bottom-up as cancerous as their top-down organizations and institutions.

- It seems the AIDS and the COVID-19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID - applied with Artificial Intelligence - letter 1 in the alphabet is "A", 9 is "I")Virus have made "as outside, so inside" tangible enough to at least learn it the hard way...

- Now China is at the leading edge of implement the new business hypes of artificial 2.0 intelligence right down into self-destruction as exemplified by the Corona-Show. It's Civil Defence was well prepare beforehand to cope with it and use it to tighten up and improve its social control systems. Since the rest of the world was taken by surprise unprepared as manifested by its inferior performance. The consequence could give China a leading edge, according to its long-term plan to become the superior power, while the western societies go on with their self-destructive history.

On a mental level; just in time, in November 2019, I started a personally-relevant international experiment on my expedition to Calgary-Los Angeles-Düsseldorf. It has which has resulted in modeling the dynamic of the OPTION I mental virus which has spread to overpower the introduced prevention with emotional-synchronization. This can allow people who dare to pass through their available inner wormhole to transcend their otherwise self-destructive societies which would still rather invest in the now well studied and documented 8 "dark-inner evil" (die) voices to inhibit, mostly not knowing what they are doing, any OPTION II!

2) I’m sure you’re already either intrigued

and want to know all about your wormholes, or intellectually engulfed by the correctness of the zeitgeist, and would rather go on struggling to maintain some mass-attractivity. In the latter space, you have been conditioned to 'feel' mentally overpowered by the above. Then you react in abhorrence at my suggestions about the necessity to finally learn the so far obscured lessons of human and even more so, your own inner history applying the man-made missing, now available, personally relevant science, with or without insubstantial, just disruptingly intended opinions:

The prevailing fruits of the tree of knowledge, wordy intellect based sciences, cannot E*-T* deal with substantial life E-energies and their fulfillment in T-time. Even if physics has revealed the realm of insubstantial E-T relationship truths with incredible success in terms of providing M-manipulation Know-how, its insubstantial intellectual underpinning has been misguided about its application and the pseudo-science bottom-line has led to life-science with Freudian slips and cosmology and sub-atomic conclusions with a severe lack of corresponding O-orientation which in terms of M/O=STRESS<DEATH, is dangerously demeaning to existence and that tendency is now apparent on all walls.

What remains are e-motionalized g-generalizing human values and their c-profiling embedded in the myth of unlimited quantitative growth, which in the Corona-Show 2019/20, has come to a lockdown. This could provide time to acknowledge the fact, that the reduction of human life to e-motional expressions stems from corrupting a-conscience with what the denotation of the word f-‘feeling’ entails; rather than the ability to make sense by becoming aware of one’s X-existence in the context of fulfilling it, as part of humanity in the living space Earth its simplification by simply expressing the way people compare their longing to be mothered as in paradise as opposed to what they actually seem to get. The result is a corresponding castration of the X-existence of real human beings in favor of what the intellect prescribes.

The good news for those who allowed themselves to be weakened to give in to the temptation to pick the forbidden fruits, the 8 die-voices, is that all religions and ideologies mystify them to protect their hidden agendas with them. With such spin, people can pretend it is OK to ignore those 5 innate states of human being's responsibility, for which there is something like a trapdoor, or in analogy to cosmology a short-cut, one or two mental wormholes (MWH). In the universe, wormholes seem possible in 4-dimensional space, thought to allow overcoming the limiting speed of light for direct pissing off from having ruined Earth. However, in 75% of people's minds, one or even two MWH allow avoiding having to learn everything the hard way, via the emotional anger, ex- or imploding into guilt. Simply speaking your MWH gets you out of your self-inflicted hell your investment into the 8 die-voices evoke. In fact, Fa as well as 1S, have no such short cut. However, when they support the other 6 emotional family members (Mo with 2nd and 3rd sons and the 3 daughter 1D-2D3D) they get the experiences as well. In this way, God-Fa supported 2D-Moses in the EXODUS together with Moses 1S-older brother Aaron - as long as he was around Moses. But when Modes went on Mt. Sinai to get H2-God's superior order, Aaron fell for the 8 die-voices of the sheople and organized the Golden Calve orgy for them with all its consequences...

As part of OPTION II, passing through the MWH conscientiously, appreciating the grace of the relevant relationship truths, allows to L3-reframe life experience via one or two of the essential outcome of

- f-feeling the context beyond the denotational pre-trans-trapping words,

- p-perception beyond what creates profit and otherwise just leaves sinners behind,

- t-thinking beyond pondering about opinions about lacking and neglected caring, the

- M-maximum perspective for lifefulfillment, and rather than getting stuck in insubstantial hopes to get out of disrupting 0-sum power game with its mutating trial and errors, rather fulfill justified hopes in life- through task-fulfillment up to becoming able to

- S-relax in the H1-hope justified in the H2-superior order, towards redemption from evil, i.e. from the amply proven self-destructive dynamic of the intellectual castration of human minds when it comes to relating to human systems.

- v-value creation beyond %1 political correctness

It is in these substantial 6 states of being's outcome from MWHs, that what deserves to be called science has developed beyond the now lame mainstream. But, thinking in terms of the evolution myth, though adequate for insubstantial intellectual expressions, science got corrupted in post-normality and is now evolving in a dangerously one-sided way to just increase M-manipulative Know-how with ZG-zeitgeist ?0-illusions, *3-egoistic +2 greed and -4 competitive frustration, to sublimate any substantial fulfillment, within the insubstantial %1-political correctness about %5-manipulating, i.e. mutating the outdated %5-lame- to a more mass-attractive mainstream and %6-projecting thus branded fig leaves to cover up and/or new ways to displace such unavoidable failing hoaxes on scapegoats. This results in less, rather than more time and willingness promised to be able to consider the personally relevant O-orientation so that M/O can be maintained in eustress; then the evoked distress inhibits synergy and its potential is outsourced with more confining artificial intelligence, which still intellectually evokes even more self-destructive systems of disrupting 0-sum games, which eventually can no longer be contained anymore within the point of NO return. Thus intellectually artificial intelligence ends as insubstantial, unavoidably, in a vicious circle like the Titanic where nobody cared to consider the radar and 13 distinct warnings from less ignorant people those arrogantly mislead ones on the luxurious 'unsinkable' vessel.

So what do sheople do misguided by a Fa-1S type of ZG-*3, i.e. zeitgeist social Darwinian nobilities? They survive at the cost of each other's lifefulfillment dancing around the mystified wormholes 'rescuing' those who 'fall' into them in their institutions and by re-educating each other how to sublimate their lacking opportunity for life- through task-fulfillment. Those t/preacher who can become outstanding with %1-political correct ways create opportunities for lawyers to %5-manipulate them to enable politicians to %6-project the next trend in the ZG-zeitgeist. With that pseudo-'scientific' authority, as in the Corona-Show, they can exert definition power about what is +2 right for continued unlimited quantitative growth and for -4 getting rid of what is in their way, embellishing their rule by ?0-illusionary spin which side-tracks sheople away from the B3-path's light of the B4-truth which leads to real personally relevant to B5-life. You see, this brings us into the realm of the unfinished business of fairy tales with its curses and word magic which clog up the mental wormholes with spin.


3) Where is Innovation - Prevention and where is Peace required

I know, and that highlights how serious and grave the situation for humanity on this only planet has become, what you read here is like nothing you’ve ever heard or seen so far: So you absolutely need to consider every step towards understanding about mental wormholes as long as you still have access to your path which in truth makes you part of lifefulfillment. I don't know how close we all are to the point of NO return, but I know what that point is for each and everyone of us; it is the collapse of the millennium old heap of hypes the scribes have piled of to obscure not just the mental wormholes (MWH)! The fact is, the essential state at the other end of then MWH call and allow for the required innovation before it is to late, to allow

- Mo the f-feeling, 2D such as me, the t-thinking and 1D, p-perceiving to transcend T-tension

- 3D-S, 2S-S, 3S a M-maximal perspective, and 1D v-value creation to not freak out in A-anger and

- Mo-t and 3S-p to not lose themselves in G-guilt to rather come up with innovations required.


They can contribute to otherwise MWH-less A-angry people towards appeasing them:

- Fa in X-existential crisis as ZG-zeitgeist freaks (Herod),

- 1S shrunk to the *3-ego and 3S to %5-manipulating, going over the top of their M-maximal perspective (1S as black knights, Ikarus),

- Mo entangled in her ?0-illusionary +2 greedy p-perception and

- 2D-indulging in +4 frustating %6-projections lacking S-relaxation

What remains are everybody's X-essence for prevention of its fulfillment

- for which both Fa and 1S, lacking MWH and thus the potential for innovation, in their own interest, should invest their T-focus into supporting the other's potential WMH-innovation as wells as being prepared to face their G-guilt from wrong, misleading, corrupted and corrupting, selfish interests gracefully before anybody else to allow keeping M/O eustress-peace for all for otherwise their usurped empires meet their dead end as illustrated in the Old Testament relevant up to our days.

On the other side, sheople, perpetrators and the victims engulfed with the 8 die-voices make each other displace such innovation to maintain peaceful lifefulfillment by sufficient prevention in favor of cultivating the evolution of their insubstantial intellectual systems. Instead of LifeFulfilling Platforms the intellectual 12-level hierarchy allows the elite perpetrators at the price of selling their soul and conscience to suck their victims and those to use victim power against the former and/or themselves. So please wake up to your substantial innate true being and its purpose while you still can perform your duty towards the possible innovation your relevant MWHs call for, taming your anger towards peace and your emotions to participate in sufficient prevention of evil rather than getting stuck as part of the problem.

Now it is time, that I, with the given name Peter Meier, born Nov. 5, 1944 near Zürich (Switzerland) while my father had to go to the border with Germany in view of a possible invasion of Nazi evil, let me now tell you who I am, what I am here for and how I began to invest my 2nd life into discovering the otherwise everywhere missing science, unravel what is still obscuring it and exposing those who are part of that evil in humanity. Then I shall specifically, with the knowledge revealed, call for action for the innovation required, focusing e-motions via synchronization towards peace and preventing further evil with B4-revitalization.


4) Justified 1S-Hope based on Exposure

A-How I follow my inner Call to Action: From 1944-79 I began taking self-determined action to fulfilling my public life towards a Ph.D. in Laboratory Astrophysics (the "Philosophical Doctorate" I got highlights a major thinking catastrophe; having never been in a philosophy lecture up to the beginning of this century, philosophy has put its limiting ideology on top of my degree as it does to all science!) Actually it still does this as usurped lead science following Pope Boniface VIII who usurped the representation of God with "no salvation outside the church" to demean all essence of all human physical life, above all that of Jesus Christ as Mohammed demeaned him as himself THE prophet. Such substance deniers together with insubstantial science still top the formatting of human mental operating systems up to the Freudian slipped life-science, psycho-politically relevant brain simulations, psychology, in the service of the humanities' politics, even undermining theo-logy to pretend to know the 'logy' of 'God'. Such usurpers lack any understanding of the substance of real human beings as mere scribes who do not even understand themselves. In ignorance of the nature of their dark-inner as insubstantial disruptive/evil (die) voices, they have managed to even model the data about the cosmos and the realm of the sub atomic world unconsciously congruent them to them their respective die as the inner realm of their knowledge work. Those 8 die-voice block the discovered, existentially real mental wormhole as outlined above and those have left all organized science so far insubstantial. That inhibits the substantial way to reveal relationship truth in the light of the Creator. In order for (wo)man to divide to rule (wo)man, (wo)man has become his or her worst enemy, also even more thoroughly in him- or herself. So the the theories of intellectually organized (based on wordy, personally-neutral denotations floating in the zeitgeist) science from the micro- to the macro cosmos always end up in an entropy increase, i.e. disordered disruption, in cosmology literally towards ultimate darkness foreseen in the next 100 billion years, in politics to mankind having already become the cancer of out only living space, Earth, in technology towards the climate catastrophe, in the intellectual evolution to unfulfilled human lives. I have thoroughly experiences and studied those analogies since 1979 beyond the capability and thus willingness of intellectuals, i.e. with and towards what the abhor, the personally relevant Applied Personal Science.

continue in operational ways



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My work ultimately aims at universities and media to get reframed by still real people beyond the zeitgeist from Courts of intellectual idolatry to LifeFulfilling Platforms; the sheople they mentally condition, to real human beings aware of their OPTION II: Lebenserfüllung