(2) Believe it or not, in the foreground of the socializing level of small talk interactions, you may rightly realize, that there is NOTHING to be understood about me, for there is nothing there worth mentioning other than my learnt know-how memory, my body and my shadow, inappropriately branded as unconsciousness! That is why among others, I am looking for a ghost writer-editor-film maker-marketer-brander, up to partners, who can translate and/or bridge my background, inner platform and my unresolved shadow by understanding its relevance into some foreground with his or her OPTION II, towards a LifeFulfilling Platform.

Please realize that I am blind and deaf for the social-wordy, intellectual meaning of opinions other than concerning my body and my shadow in which I try to find what is good enough, to serve you peacefully dealing with people's very bad obsessions with OPTION I to reduce themselves to their mass-attractive foreground say under a job title. My lack of an socially coachable foreground might pose a problem to you trying to (in)form me in your image under OPTION I. I have learnt to understand it as a blessing! My resources are in fact where they serve me better. I know some people who have nothing on the background to be branded. However, everybody has an inner OPTION II platform unless the soul of experiencing the OPTION II X-substance was sold, and that is what counts.